Space Saving Designs to Make the Most Out of Your Work Space

If you are struggling with getting things organised and tidy at the workplace due to lack of storage systems and the limited square footage of the area, fret no more. Here are the best space saving solutions that will free up more space and deal with the clutter, too.

Utilising the Extra Headroom

If you have a high ceiling, you can take advantage of the high headroom and built raised storage solutions to put all that vertical space to good use. This is typically done by installing a mezzanine area that can house shelves, racks or drawers. This has the added benefit of creating additional workspace, carving out more square footage within the same area. 
Raised storage systems are often portable and can be detached and reinstalled elsewhere if needed, which makes it easy to move the structure to another area when redesigning the floor space. It’s a cost-effective way to create more storage and additional floor area, too. Raised storage systems can also be used to create or increase storage in outdoor spaces like the garage or in larger work areas in the backyard.
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Putting Walls to Work

You can double your storage space by installing shelves along the wall space above drawers, to maximise the wall space. A combination of drawers and shelves allows for better sorting as it provides two different types of access that makes organising and storing items more efficient and more systematic. Frequently used items can be stored in top drawers and lower shelf layers for easy access. Occasionally used items can be stored in bottom drawers and higher shelf layers, so that these remain accessible without getting in the way of the items that are frequently needed. 
Make your shelves look more organised by storing items in boxes, like documents, items that come in sets or in bulk, or a collection of tools or items that are put together for specific purposes. Storing things in boxes that can be put side by side or stacked on top of one another will allow you to make full use of the shelf space. 

Make Use of Vertical Drawers

Lastly, drawers are a popular option for storing pretty much anything. Vertical file drawers are the most effective for storing documents, as these have enough space and the right height to accommodate various document sizes. This filing system is compatible with various filing methods, like filing in alphabetical, numerical, chronological or other grouping methods that require sectioning but must be contained in a single storage unit. Some vertical units are adjustable, allowing you to add or remove drawer units, to make the storage unit the height that fits the space, or to provide the storage capacity that you need.
By utilising the vertical space available in the area, you are putting the headspace and the unused wall spaces to work, so that you can create storage spaces that do not consume large portions of the floor area. This allows you to keep the workplace organised and clutter-free. These storage solutions provide total ease for storing and retrieving items, making the task of returning and locating items more convenient and efficient. 

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