Professions That Require the Use of Personal Protective Equipment

Australia’s active labour force now stands at 12.8 million people, according to 2019 statistics. With the projected further increase in the number of employed citizens in the next few years, safety and accident prevention in the workplace have become paramount.

It is not only in the construction and manufacturing industries that workers sustain injuries. Safe Work Australia reveals that most workplace injuries are sprains and joint and muscle strains, making up 41.8% of all reported incidents.

Besides proper and continuous occupational health safety (OHS) training, the use of the right protective gear is strongly advised. This includes wearing safety clothing when going to work. Safety clothing can be bought online if not provided by the company or agency that you work for.

Interestingly, there are certain professions that require personal protective equipment (PPE). Take a look at these jobs and know the very basic PPE needed to prevent accidents and promote safety in the workplace.

Window Cleaners

Cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings, for example, The Shard or the NYC Empire State Building, can be hazardous. Gloves, fall arrest gear, body warmers, and waterproof clothing should be considered.

Baggage Handlers

Lifting very heavy luggage and suitcases can pose serious health and safety issues. For these professionals, safe footwear, gloves, kneepads, earplugs, and high-visibility clothes are required to make the job bearable and safe.


Chefs work near heat, handle sharp knives, and carry some heavy objects around. It is inevitable that they will also need some personal safety gear when in the workplace. These include gloves, first aid kit for burns, accidental cuts and other related emergencies, non-slip or safety shoes, heat-resistant and heavy-duty aprons. If handling special equipment like liquid nitrogen for making frozen desserts, they should wear safety goggles, too.

Nail Technicians

You will often see nail technicians working hard at their respective workstations. It can be relaxing to customers, but those who do the work are exposed to certain triggers. The constant inhalation of acetone fumes and other chemical products can pose serious health risks. So, nail technicians need safety masks or a low-grade respirator, especially if they are sensitive to the smell of acetone and nail polish.

Event Stewards

They are in charge of crowd safety and control, mostly at festivals, concerts, and events. They can be seen wearing high-visibility clothes, earplugs, and other protective gear for their safety. 

Construction welding

Overall, personal protective equipment and gear are very important for those working in factories, construction, laboratory settings, and other high-risk jobs that require occupational safety to be observed. Without the right PPE, workers from various sectors will be placing themselves and their safety in jeopardy day in and out. You have to make sure you are always equipped and able to deal with various hazards associated with your work, the workplace, and everything else that should keep you 100% safe.  

Jobs are important, but nothing trumps safety and protection. Make sure you observe the proper occupational safety practices, follow company guidelines, and adhere to the proper use of the right personal protective equipment while at work.

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