Sprucing Small Spaces: Ways to Make Your Office Feel (and Look) Bigger

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

One thing you need to keep in mind when sprucing up your office is that the need to make your small office look and feel bigger doesn’t necessarily mean that having bigger office space is good. Chances are, the “small” space you have now is quite efficient, and it’s all the space you need for your office’s operations and may even help in team building and streamlining work by making it easier for those in the office to interact with each other. The main goal here is to make your office look (and feel) spacious and “breathable” and prevent making your office staff feel secluded, cramped, or trapped despite having enough space.

As such, let’s take a look at certain tweaks and adjustments you can make to your office:

Clear Out the Clutter

Sometimes, all you need is to do a little spring cleaning. It’s possible that you already have planned out to make your office look and feel bigger than it is, but the months or years of operations resulted in accumulated boxes and piles of paperwork. So schedule a day or a half just for spring cleaning, to remove clutter which isn’t only unsightly and make the office feel cramped, but can be serious fire hazards.

Go Paperless, Go Digital

woman working using her tabletAfter cleaning up the office and getting rid of clutter, you may also want to consider switching to paperless. As you know, paper files and folders can take huge amounts of space, and if you don’t have a big office or extra storage space, it can make our office look quite cramped. So consider going paperless with your reports and documents in the office, or at least make an effort to cut back on files and reports that need to be printed out and consider paper as the last option when it comes office and operational documents.

Glass Works

Glass can do wonders to your small office. Glass allows for better lighting, and even allows natural light to permeate better and make the space feel brighter and more breathable, which can positively affect your office’s demeanour and productivity. Having glass partitions instead of the usual wooden cubicles or solid partitions would make your office look much more open, and allow your employees to have this sense of synergy. Glass tables for your London office, such as glass working desks and boardroom tables, can occupy as much space as your regular wooden, plastic, or metal tables but they wouldn’t “look” as bulky or space-eating, in fact, they’d look more modern and professional. Lastly, glass mirrors in your office aid in creating the illusion of space and depth, and help reflect light in your office.

Lighting is Key

Speaking of light, proper light fixture placement is all about using just enough that they’re easy on the eyes and can facilitate work around the office, but not too much that they can be blinding, unnatural, and give the feeling of being cramped in a small space with artificial lighting. As much as possible, you’d also want to capitalize on natural light as there simply is no substitute to the feeling of warmth and natural space that natural light can give, and using glass and mirrors in your office can aid in that.

Colours Make A Difference

Painting your office walls and background with white or lighter colours can help make a small room look and feel bigger. Soft light colours are easier on the eyes and are calming, and it can also help in reflecting light within the office. As such, you can also stick to a certain colour palette or theme for your equipment and furniture to add to your office’s aesthetic appeal.


Making your small office look bigger and feel much more breathable can help transform it into less stressful and happier place to work in, and would also be quite beneficial when customers, investors, or business partners come over. So if you feel like your office could use more space, it’s a good idea to try these tips out.

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