Primary Physical Characteristics to Consider In Waterfront Properties

Scenic views have for a long time been the prime attraction in the property markets. While you can opt for any landscape, nothing beats a water view. This has for generations been the lure for a fishing trip or swim for families.

Most people assume that properties with a water view are reserved for those with deep pockets and will thus not even consider them for their families. Anyone can, however, invest in a waterfront property here in Townsville regardless of his/her budget.

This is because there are different prices for waterfront properties based on the features of the properties. The following are the physical properties of waterfront properties that should inform your purchase.


The condition of and permits on your shores will determine what you can build on it and how much you will enjoy your rights to it. Natural sand, weeds, grass, and snails are some of the elements found on shores.

Lovely sandy shorelines give you the perfect place to plop a lawn chair and enjoy the breeze while children build sand castles. Mucky shores are soft, and you might thus sink into them up to your knees before hitting their rock bottom.

Remember that the state of shorelines changes with the weather and tides. It is therefore prudent to talk to neighbouring property owners on what to expect.

The Water’s Bottom

You will undoubtedly want to swim or explore in the water near your property from time to time. You should thus consider the type of bottom in your water. The bottom might contain gravel, sand or rock and have steep drop-offs or slope away gradually.

This is an essential element more so if you will have children swimming since they can be swept away by strong undercurrents in steep drop-offs. Some property owners attempt to level the bottom of their waters. This option is, however, often futile and requires several permits.

Wetlands and Flood Plain

Wetlands and floodplains often surround rivers and lakes. These will restrict your constructions on the waterfront property. There also exist specific local regulations for the protection of wetland areas and flood plains.

These are also meant to protect your properties from water damage and keep you safe. A visit to the county office is thus essential to grasp the wetland and flood plain restrictions before closing your deal.

Aquatic Plants

lake with water lily

Plants are the primary elements for the health of marine life since they depend on them for food, spawning areas, and a habitat. Healthy aquatic plants will also limit the invasion of your property by dangerous aquatic life.

The unchecked proliferation of aquatic plants might, however, restrict your access to the water by making it hard to swim or fish. Moreover, some species might cause skin and eye irritation and bowel issues in prone individuals.

You might come across various online sites selling waterfront properties for what might seem like a song. In most cases, however, you are prone to get scammed if you do not pay attention to the elements in your property that should matter.

The above physical properties are among the essential ones you should consider and work with a reputable property development company to guarantee you are not scammed.

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