Top New Zealand Destinations You Can Drive To

New Zealand is known for its majestic landscapes and seascapes. There are plenty of awesome travel destinations that you and your family can visit! You can finally create a good itinerary for the best vacation you and your folks will be having. If you’ve lived here long enough and haven’t gone sightseeing yet, what are you waiting for? Having trouble planning out an itinerary? Overwhelmed with how many extremely long bus rides it can take to reach that beach you wanted to visit? The most important thing to know when planning to travel around New Zealand is that the best way to go around would be through a car. Aside from the convenience that it gives, it’s a great long term investment for the family. It’s always a good idea to catch up on local dealerships on vehicles, like what Giltrap Skoda offers.

If you already have that dream car of yours and are confident enough to use it for the adventure of a lifetime, all you need to do now is to figure out where to go! Here are some top destinations and routes that will not only take your breath away, but will also give you a long scenic drive getting there.


Though some would prefer to fly from one city to another, the drive from Auckland to Wellington is one of the most scenic roads with plenty of detours to national parks, geysers, and majestic views of the mountains, so make sure to never skip on the drive! It also has a nice treat for the Lord of the Rings fans because you can visit the Hobbiton movie set and take lots of pictures.

Bay Islands

If you’re fond of beaches and the sea, this three-hour drive from Auckland is the destination for you. There are lots of water activities you can try, like fishing and sailing. And if you would like to try out new water sports, you can find them there, too. You could try scuba diving if you really want to be immersed, or you could opt to join a cruise where you can watch different marine life at sea. Get that camera ready for dolphin sightings!


Queenstown View on a Sunny Day in New Zealand

For those who are adrenaline-junkies, Queenstown is probably included on their bucket lists. You could go skydiving, bungee-jumping, and whitewater rafting, or even skiing in certain seasons. If you’ll be driving from Christchurch, you’ll be able to see how lush the greenery is. You will never want to roll that window back up.

There are plenty of other places you can visit around NZ, not a single one a waste. Mountains, valleys, and forests go for miles. Again, the best way to go around is by car, so soak up on that drive or tag someone you can switch with. Make it a routine to have your car checked for maintenance before you go on that memorable expedition. And don’t forget to make safety your top priority. Make sure you have a contact list for emergency services wherever you plan to go to, and have your survival kit and road kit ready.

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