The Grass is Always Greener With Proper Maintenance

A green lawn can make any property look magnificent. However, there are times when your lawn grass is not healthy enough for the grass to look vibrant. Some Hilton Head-based lawn service companies can help make your grass look greener, but they could also provide other services that will improve your property’s value. But you should also do these things to protect your lawn.

The Grass

If you want a green lawn, you need to choose which kind will suit your climate. There are many types of grass, and the growth varies in each type. For example, what grows best in a cold climate may not excel in a hot one. Ask your supplier which one suits your area.

The Soil

It’s also essential if you test your soil to see if the kind of plants you plan to grow could thrive in your soil. You can buy a soil test kit to determine the components in the soil. It can reveal if the soil is lacking certain nutrients that plants need. This is how you will know what type of fertilizer to buy for your lawn.

Regular Maintenance

You need to water the lawn regularly if you want to keep it green. This should be deep watering, which requires the water to seep deep into the soil. You can do this twice a week. You can keep your lawn green when you water it once a week, making sure that the water reaches one to one-and-a-half inch. You can set your lawn sprinklers to do this.

Water your grass early in the morning, at around 5:00 am. Program your irrigation system to do this daily, because watering early in the morning allows the grass time to dry, and prevents fungal diseases from developing in your plants.

Use a well-maintained mower to cut the grass evenly and adequately. A poorly-maintained mower can leave the brown tips. The mower’s blades should be kept sharp with regular maintenance. If you don’t have time to do this, you can hire a lawn services company to keep your lawns well-manicured.

If you want to make sure that the mower cuts the grass evenly, set the mower on high. This will ‘lave three inches of grass, which is perfect for any lawn. Through this process, the taller blades will give shade to the root system of the lawn. This keeps the lawn cool on hotter days.

Fertilize the Grass

Hands holding scissors and cutting the grass in the garden

Most landscaping contractors advise fertilizing the lawn every six weeks. They also add that traditional fertilizers can cause lawns to grow rapidly. You can use a fertilizer with low nitrogen content. This can inhibit the fast growth of the lawn while still making it green.

You can also use a mulching mower which works by recycling the nutrients in the grass clippings into the soil. This way, you have a natural fertilizer. Just be reminded that fertilizer should be put evenly. Also, when you have pets, make sure you use a repair your grass when your pets use the lawn for their toilet training.

You can also aerate your lawns in the spring and autumn. You make small holes in the ground with an aeration rake. The lawn benefits from it by getting water, nutrients, and air to the roots. Another benefit of this is that it drains excess water from the lawn.

Lastly, check your lawn for infection or disease if your grass does not respond well to any of these treatments. You can bring a sample of the grass to an expert and have it examined. They can tell you what the problem is and if there’s a solution for it.

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