Beat the Heat: 3 Cost-Effective Ways to Cool Your Sunroom

If there’s one other cozy place in every home aside from the bedroom that people want to be in, it would be the sunroom. You already know why: you get to have your daily dose of sunshine and dopamine fix, enjoy a lazy afternoon, reading a book, and of course, achieve that gorgeous tan. But, you can’t have too much of a good thing.

Designed to soak up and maximize all that daylight and shine, sunrooms can be uncomfortably hot, especially during mid-afternoons or summers. Now, while installing an AC sounds like the best solution, it isn’t the cheapest, as you know. That said, here are far more cost-effective ways to cool your sunroom:

1. Insulate the windows.

When it comes to keeping a comfortable temperature, insulation is always the best fix. One of the common ways to insulate windows is to use tints. The residential window film that Arizona experts offer, for instance, effectively block most of the heat outdoors coming into your space.

Moreover, it reduces the light coming in and prevents glare, which is a common problem in sunrooms. Window tints come in different styles, so they could also be a point of visual interest in your space. You may also consider other ways of insulating windows, such as caulking or weatherstripping. The bottom line is, you want to secure your windows since these are the primary entry points of heat in your space.

2. Install smart window treatments.

It sounds counterintuitive to cover your windows in the sunrooms, but know that there are treatments that won’t have to completely block your lovely garden views. Blinds are one option. This limits the direct heat penetrating the glass, deflecting it from your sunroom.

Solar shades are also a good choice. It gives you better control over how much heat or light enters your space. If you do have such window treatments already, you may want to consider upgrading to motorized units. It will all the more improve comfort in your space. You’ll be able to control shades or blinds even while you’re seated, enjoying the book you’re reading.

3. Improve air circulation.

modern sunroom

Increasing the airflow is also key in regulating a better temperature in the sunroom. Make sure to have ventilation openings high up in the room, so the heat can easily escape as it rises. Install vent fans. You can also place fans near the floor, so that the heat below can be blown out quickly into the openings.

A ceiling fan also helps in letting the air move through your space and avoid the heat being trapped. Do note that it’s not only in cooling the space that you can use ceiling fans. During cold weathers, you can also keep it on to ensure a comfortable temperature in the sunroom. You just have to reverse the way the blades spin. It would push the hot air from the ceiling, back down to the floor, warming up your space.

Sunrooms offer that relaxing environment every homeowner craves in their personal space, but too much heat can easily ruin that coziness. When that happens, it’s time to cool it up and restore it to its calm atmosphere.

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