Plasma Cutting: Reasons to Consider It

Advancements in cutting technology have seen plasma cutting rising above other conventional cutting methods. This cutting method requires minimal human interaction, saving a company on labor costs. The accuracy and precision that the cutting method offers are unparalleled with any other method. But what does this method entail, and how does it work? Below is a detailed guide to this radical cutting method:

Plasma Cutting Method

Plasma cutting refers to the metal cutting process with a plasma gun of different thickness. The process involves passing air or gas through an arc to create a plasma flow through ionization. As a result of the conductive properties of plasma, it cuts through metal at high temperatures and high speed. It also cuts through metal fast and easily. Plasma also blows away the molten parts of metal leaving a clean and precise cut.

Plasma Table

The process of plasma cutting results in cleaner cuts when using a Baileigh plasma cutting table. The plasma table is computer-controlled and is best when you want to cut thick material in multiple axes. It has increased the efficiency and accuracy of cuts using the plasma cutting method.

CAD Software

CAD Software

Besides the plasma table, computer-aided design (CAD) software helps with the metal design process preceding the cutting. The design process involves creating the design in which the metal will be cut. The software requires minimal training before one learns how to use it. Also, the software helps run the cutting machine for proper alignment and height.

Why Plasma Cutting?

This cutting method has applications across multiple industries due to the following reasons:

Low Maintenance

When using conventional cutting machines, you need to perform regular maintenance practices. The maintenance that these machines need is software updates, which are automatic from the machine. The other maintenance task that you will need is replacing tools and cleaning the machine.


Workplace accidents are a common occurrence when the operator is in close range with the machine. However, the machine has little interaction with workers. That means that there are minimal workplace accidents and that workers are safe in the workplace.

Cost Savings

These machines do not require a lot of human labor in operation. That will save you the amount you would pay as wages. Also, these machines can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that there will be more productivity when using these machines. There is also minimal waste from the process, which increases the profitability of your business.


The programs responsible for ordering cutting in certain ways are in the machine’s memory storage. Therefore, the machine will produce exact pieces from the process, regardless of the operator on duty. When the finished products from a company are consistent, customers are satisfied with the products. Product consistency can help build the brand for the company.

Plasma cutting has changed the method of cutting in modern times. More advancements, such as small nozzles and fine arcs, further assist in delivering more accurate cuts. The products require a minimal finish. There is no doubt why small and large industrial applications are getting Baileigh plasma tables and shifting to the plasma cutting method.

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