The Four Most Common Recruitment Challenges and How to Address Them

When you see the unemployment numbers in every country, you begin to think as well of what’s wrong with these people. There are plenty of vacancies on online job boards, so why are there still unemployed people? The easiest answer, of course, is that the unemployed don’t meet the academic qualifications of these job vacancies. But is that really the answer? Aren’t there are a lot of unemployed professionals, too? Haven’t you met someone who has a master’s degree but without a permanent job?

Academic qualifications are not the only reason why job vacancies and unemployment rates are pronounced. Recruitment agencies are having a hard time filling up positions because of bad job descriptions, salary gaps, gender discrimination, and tough competition. Here are the most common problems recruiters face when filling up a job position:

Lack of Specialization and Branding

Who do you have on your recruitment list? What are their qualifications? The most common reason staffing agencies are having a hard time filling up technical positions is that they don’t attract professionals with the right qualifications and skills. How can an engineering recruitment firm find the right staff if they don’t attract the right candidates? A staffing agency needs branding, too. They need to be known for something. If professionals don’t know that such a recruitment agency exists to represent their professions, then why would they sign up for it?

To solve this problem, you have to get recruitment efforts out there. You have to be more intentional about your branding, as well as be clear about the types of candidates that you need. If you are trying to find a licensed engineer, then be very direct with your questions and qualifications.

Not Engaging Candidates Enough

Highly skilled candidates are being contacted by recruiters. That means you are in competition with all of these agencies. It is harder to stand out when everyone is wooing the same person. You have to put extra effort into attracting the candidates to your agency. But how can you do that? Do your research. Make an effort to get to know the candidate first before contacting him/her. Instead of sending a generic email to the candidate, personalize the email and describe what your recruitment firm can do for the candidate.

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Competition Is Tougher to Beat

This could be the number one reason why your firm isn’t getting enough candidates. The other ones have better offers. Why would a candidate want to stay with you when there are better offers out there? Don’t you think candidates are also researching about any recruitment firm they want to sign up for? They’re also trying to find out what you can offer them. That’s why you have to impress them with a job offer that is worth their skills.

What are the competitive advantages of businesses with better-skilled employees? They offer not only better cash compensation, but also paid time off, flexible work schedules, and other benefits. Now, compare what you can offer to the candidates you are eyeing. If your offer is not at par with your competitors, then you know why you aren’t attracting the right candidates. Talk with your clients and make sure they understand how tough the competition is right now.

Looking for the Perfect Candidate

The perfect employee doesn’t exist. If you are looking for one for your client, the goal will be impossible. Have you ever had a strong candidate but did not proceed in hiring because you think there is someone better out there? Spoiler alert: you’ve just lost a possible perfect candidate. Employees will always seem lacking at first but give them the opportunity to do better and most of them will rise to the occasion.

Believing that there is a perfect candidate delays the hiring process. This is also the reason why you’re missing out a lot. The goal of a recruitment agency is to look for a candidate who fits the job qualifications. It is not to find the perfect candidate. That will be impossible. It is then the company-client’s role to train and improve the skills of their new hires.

These challenges exist because recruitment agencies allow them to make their mark. The idea behind why companies use staffing agencies is so that they won’t have a hard time looking for the right candidate. But if these recruitment agencies themselves are having a hard time filling up the job vacancies commissioned to them, then what will the future be like? As the pandemic slows down in its rampage, it is time for these recruitment agencies to address the challenges that affect their industry.

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