Bathtub Design Ideas You Can Use to Inspire Your Next Remodel

A study found that in the past 50 years, Americans went from having two people usually share one bathroom to one person per bathroom. It’s clear that we Americans love our bathrooms—and rightly so, for it is more than just the place where we bathe; for many of us, it’s also where we relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life. Particularly, one of the most luxurious yet affordable things we can give ourselves is a well-designed bathtub. Here are some design tips and ideas to inspire your next bathroom remodelling.

Consider a smart bathroom

There is no denying that the future is smart—especially where home design is concerned. Why not use the same technology for your bathroom, where we often have to contend with cold water and harsh lighting?

Smart technology can help ensure that the temperature of your water is always at the most comfortable level. It can ensure that you always choose the type of lighting that you need at any given time. Partner with a  reliable company like BoilerPointer to find the best and the right equipment for your bathroom so that your bathtub’s water will always be exactly the temperature you want it.

Place the bathtub near a big window

If you have been blessed with a bathroom that has a big floor-to-ceiling window, and even more importantly, a residential property with stunning views, why not place your bathtub by the window? There is nothing like a stunning landscape to provide you with much-needed peace and serenity during your bath times.

It’s also a wonderful way to extend your indoor and outdoor spaces and will make you feel like you’re having a luxurious bath in nature. When placing your bathtub by the window, make sure to use more natural elements and materials like wooden cabinetry, stone foundations, and a more neutral and earthy colour palette.

Incorporate a flat surface

Just because your bathtub is on the more luxurious side, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice function and practicality. A flat surface can be made through a drop-in tub so that you have an area where you or a significant other can sit or where you can place your phone or a refreshing beverage while you’re bathing. To make it look more high-end, use materials like marble and stone.

Separate your soaking tub from your shower

woman in a bath tub

If you have enough square footage, avoid placing your shower above the tub. After all, there is nothing more luxurious and high-end than having separate spaces for bathing and showering. Give your bathroom a modern age by choosing a glass divider instead of a more solid wall, and use modern styles like an oversized backsplash and a curved tub.

Find a tub design that looks like an art installation

If you appreciate contemporary art or any piece that comes straight out of Apollo magazine, why not opt for a tub that is shaped in a more offbeat and unconventional way? One example of this is a bathtub that is customized to look like a precious stone, especially if it’s carved from a piece of material like onyx.

If you truly want to make the bathtub the centrepiece of the bathroom, giving it a non-traditional shape might be the way. The best part is that you don’t need to rely on the other bathroom elements to provide a stylish and modern edge to the room.

Maximize an awkward space

If your bathroom has an awkward space, like an outdated nook, consider placing your bathtub there. With the right colour palette and window treatments, a bathtub by an awkwardly shaped nook can be an unexpected but stunning way to relax in the tub. Bonus points if the nook is sun-drenched, too—the sunlight will feel incredible against your skin while taking your bath.

Use interesting chandeliers

Another way to make your bathtub the bathroom’s focal point is by using interesting lighting sources or a gorgeous chandelier above it. Opt for a pendant chandelier that can give your free-standing tub a warm hue and make it look good from any angle.

Don’t neglect the floors

You can have the most interesting and luxurious bathtub, but everything else is moot if you neglect floor design. Use fancy floor designs, especially if your bathroom has a more outdated look. Even peel-and-stick floor decals can work wonders.

A luxurious bathtub is one of the best gifts you can give yourself in a stressful world. Invest in your inner peace and tranquillity by investing in your bathroom.

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