How Much is the Average Cost of Installing Laminate Floors in Irvine?

An average installation for laminate flooring in Irvine, CA, may cost around $6 per square foot. If you need to install laminate over 1,282 square feet of space, you should expect to spend approximately $7,240.

Labor fees may cost almost $4,298, which is more than 50% of expenses, for around 70 hours of installation work. Take note that prices may vary depending on the contractor’s rates. You need to request for price estimates from at least three different flooring specialists to compare the most reasonable prices.

Installation is Cheap, but Requires a Pro

Laminate floors are cheaper and easier to maintain than hardwood flooring, but the actual price for each two depends on the quality of the material. You can spend as low as $550 to install low-end laminate, while better quality can cost up to $7,000. Prices in Irvine may fall within the national average of $3,000 for a 1,000-square-foot house.

While you can save money by choosing a DIY installation, the results may not be as good as having a professional do the work. A flooring specialist will know better about the right measurements for cutting planks, especially along edges and corners. Ask the contractor about pre-finished laminate to save time and money from sanding and finishing work inside the house.

What About Vapor Barriers and Insulation?

If you plan to install laminate over a concrete or stone subfloor, it’s necessary to add a protective layer against moisture. Vapor barriers are also important when you have an underfloor or radiant heating system, but the type of synthetic polythene films must be designed for heated floors.

Ask the manufacturer or flooring specialist when choosing a type of laminate, as not all kinds are good conductors of heat. The contractor may sand down the area in case of uneven subfloor surfaces., although the difference in slope shouldn’t be more than three millimeters per running meter. Bathrooms and kitchens are some places where you can install laminate, although the quality must be specifically designed for moisture retention.

Care and Maintenance

Wood floor polishing maintenance work by grinding machine.

Laminate floors can last for up to 25 years when properly installed and maintained, which includes keeping an eye on dents, scratches, or standing water. You need to clean spilt liquids right away because leaving them on for too long can result in unsightly stains. You can’t refinish laminate when it’s already damaged or stained. A full replacement will be necessary in this case.

Pet owners will also find it easier to maintain laminate floors compared to hardwood, as the latter is more prone to damage from nail scratches. However, you should always look out for pets who aren’t house-trained yet. Their waste can leave a bad smell on laminate floors.

Laminate flooring provides homeowners with a cheaper alternative that resembles the appearance of hardwood. Don’t expect a significant change in your home’s resale price after installing laminate floors, but a typical installation in Irvine may increase a property’s resale value by almost $4,900. Hire a licensed and insured contractor, preferably one who specializes in different kinds of flooring installations.

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