What Recycled Wood Can Be Used For

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials of our time, especially when it comes to construction and furniture making. Its strength, durability, and longevity make it a reliable option when it comes to building things that are designed to last.

Despite this, however, plenty of wood is still thrown away daily. Millions of tons of wood waste are generated annually, with almost half of this amount coming from municipal waste. This wastage thus contributes to the destruction of the environment, with millions of trees being unnecessarily logged each year, which also adds to unnecessary expenditures on the parts of both the public and private sectors.

With so much waste wood available for recovery and reuse through recycling facilities, the use of recycled wood should be encouraged among all industries that use timber and lumber to create new items. This will not only save on costs but also contribute to the overall benefit of society as well.

Here are some industries and individuals that may benefit greatly from the use of recycled wood:

Community and urban planners

Recycled wood can be used to make different sculptures that city or community officials can place in public areas to add some life and personality to their communities. Public parks, in particular, are a good location for these.

Community and urban planners can also have recycled wood made into benches to be placed in parks and around the community. This allows passers-by to rest or take a quick breath as they make their way around the community, thereby also making the place much more liveable.

Furniture Makers

Instead of making use of fresh wood to construct tables, chairs, and bed frames, recycled wood is a cheaper and more sustainable alternative. Furthermore, recycled wood can also add an antique feel to the furniture. For lovers of the old and rustic, furniture made from recycled wood is a prized catch that they will be happy to have in their homes.

Libraries and Bookstores


All bookworms dream of a quiet place where they can get lost in words written on a page. What will make this even better is a comfortable environment by having bookshelves surroundings made of recycled wood.

Recycled wood is perfect for a cozy, homey feel that many people seek when they read. Bookstores, especially, will benefit from this as the classic, rustic feel can entice visitors and customers. By providing an environment conducive to reading in libraries and bookstores, you will be encouraging readership and literacy, doing all society a favor in the process.

Home Accessories

It is part of every homeowner’s dream to have their home and surrounding lot and garden be well-decorated. Recycled wood can be used for items such as planters and flower boxes to have around your house or in your garden to add colour and serve as a home for your plants. You can also use recycled wood to create some DIY trinkets such as decorative boxes and chests, birdhouses, ornaments, and picture frames. These are sure to add a unique, rustic aura to your home, making it something truly special.

Using recycled materials does not mean a step down in quality, and this is especially true for recycled wood. In fact, recycled wood carries its own appeal, aside from being sustainable and environmentally friendly. This makes it a perfect building block for a wide variety of items we use every day.

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