House Architecture and Its Effects on Your Home Life

Being a new homeowner can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a specific location in mind. If you live in Australia, however, you can easily find land for sale in places such as Whittlesea. Building your home there will give you an area that has a great view and a good community.

If you don’t have a budget that can accommodate building a home from the ground, you can buy a house instead. This has the benefit of being pre-furnished and its own architectural charm. You have a chance of getting a home that, despite being old, still looks classy.

Architecture differs depending on the region, however. To guide you, here are a few common home architecture types in Australia.

The Queenslander House

Queenslanders were made due to climates that were hot but had frequent rain. The architecture type has a lot of veranda space and is elevated from the ground. It is usually made of timber, a lightweight and airy material. This allows it to have a lot of ventilation while avoiding flooding inside the home.

These types of houses are appropriate for homeowners who enjoy relaxing outdoors. They can recline on the veranda and enjoy a nice view due to the natural elevation of the house architecture. This type also provides a cool resting place away from the glare of the sun.

The Californian Bungalow

Bungalow style houses aim to blend seamlessly with the surrounding yard and features more neutral colors for its exterior. It has a low, sloping roof and is as close to the outdoors as possible with its large and numerous windows. It is usually one storey and has a simple layout.

Garden owners are a good fit for this kind of home. Your garden will be easily accessible due to the home’s connection to the yard. In addition, this type of house maximizes property space and is best for homes with fireplaces as the focal point.

The Art Deco Style

This style of housing is one that emphasizes the exterior of the house, using uniquely textured materials and geometric shapes. It was also a way for the homeowner to flaunt their wealth, as expensive metals were sometimes used during construction.

This is for homeowners that want their house to be bold and striking for their visitors due to its use of bright, contrasting colors and varied textures. It also has a distinctly smoother overall appearance and uses mainly geometric patterns, such as chevrons, for its interior design.

The Contemporary Style

House design

Contemporary style homes are one of the more modern designs, featuring asymmetric designs and unconventional materials. It is similar to the Art Deco style; however, it intends to be more functional in design while maintaining its warmth. It also has a uniquely shaped layout.

This kind of home is suited for homeowners who want to maximize the natural light in their house since contemporary homes use a lot of iron, steel, and glass for its construction. It also has an adaptable design, which means some exterior walls can be slid around to reveal more rooms.

Novice homeowners will ignore a house’s architecture because there are little chances to learn about it. However, one should pay attention to it because it also influences various factors of living, such as everyday life and habits. Consider what architecture will suit you best when choosing the home you will live in.

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