Top 5 Questions to Ask Before You Close a Car Deal

Whether you opt for a new or used car, closing a car deal is not always a walk in the park. Especially if you are a first-time buyer, you should prepare a set of questions—deal testers that could help you verify the terms and make the purchasing and delivery processes more convenient.

It starts by knowing your shopping style. It’s common to find buyers going to a dealership only a few days after they decide to buy. However, this often makes many people buy cars that they may not have actually wanted. Buying a car needs a plan and an informed purchase decision.

Therefore, here are important questions to ask when you visit Nissan car dealers in Auckland:

1. Are there extra fees I need to prepare for?

They sometimes call it out-of-the-door price or known as “hidden charges”. A reputable car dealer should always provide a detailed breakdown of the price they offer. This, however, is not usually the case. While you might be ready to pay for extra fees, it works well if the car dealer gives you a profound explanation. This should always include fees like sales tax, documentation, tire recycling, or registry costs. Knowing these fees could help you negotiate the price with facts, leading to a better deal for both you and the dealership.

2. How much is the documentation fee?

Whether you are buying a new or used vehicle, all car dealerships charge a documentation fee, which is literally for filling out the contract. Strange as it may, you just have to accept it because it’s policy. What you need to know is the amount you will pay for the doc fee because it varies from dealership to another.

In some states, it is capped below $100 while in some it could go up to $600. Knowing this will help you negotiate the sticker price better. Prior research on what they charge in the Auckland area can give you a better starting point.

3. Does the car have any dealer-installed options?

buying a car at a dealership

Most cars come with manufacturer-installed options right from the factory. In most instances, you are not aware of this as the buyer, and some dealers take advantage of your ignorance. They can add the installed options to boost their profit. Common dealer add-ons include wheel locks, window tinting, nitrogen-filled tires, paint protection, vehicle recovery system, and more. Find out about these manufacturer add-ons especially when asking for the quote, to help you make an informed decision.

4. How many miles are on the Odometer?

This should always be part of the process, especially when buying online. Even for a new car, you should not assume that it would have less than 10 miles on the odometer. Dealer-traded cars and cars that have gone on several test drives could have more miles on them. If it has 300 or more miles on the odometer, it’s an opportunity to ask for a lower price.

5. Will you deliver the car?

Importantly, ask your dealership whether they will deliver the car. This is important if you’re buying online.

Once all the above questions are answered to your satisfaction including financing and fees, you can close the deal. This often happens in two ways: you can purchase your car at the dealership or the dealer can deliver both the car and the paperwork to your home.

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