Home Improvement: Converting a Simple House to a Stylish Haven

Making your house look expensive even on a budget is doable. In fact, you don’t have to break the bank to do it. You simply need some ingenuity to achieve such a feat. Redesigning your home to achieve the look you want is easy when you follow some tricks to make it look appealing. You can buy a 3-seater sofa for your Singapore home as a start.

Blank Canvas

Designing your home is always easier when you’re starting from scratch. If you just want to redesign, you can begin by taking a look at your house. What is predominant in your theme? For example, if you have a lot of animal figurines, then you can go with an animalistic theme.

Your choice of colour is important. Go with a unified palette, meaning there should be harmony in your colours. They can either mix-and-match or you just pick one or two colours. This gives the house an expensive look. You can also go for one bold colour, while the other colours in the house are neutral.

Some people would say that to make the house appear expensive, you need to show a lot of items. You don’t need that. These days, minimalism is acceptable and well-loved design aesthetic. Choose simple furniture sets and simple decors that go well together.

beautiful modern living room interior

Decors and Designs

Your items shouldn’t be new to command attention. What you could do is to group small items to make it look like a vignette. Display dreamy pieces so that guests will notice it and not the pieces that have defects.

Your home will look expensive when it’s well-organized. Garage sale finds and hand-me-downs need not look disheveled when displayed in a way that makes them interesting. For example, you can put affordable throw pillows on old sofas. You can also hang your craft projects delicately in a wall portion. It’s all about creativity and openness.

You might miss this tiny detail, but putting crisp and clean towels make your home look like a hotel or a posh spa. Trade your old and discoloured bath towels with white and fluffy towels. If you’re going for the bohemian theme, you can choose colourful ones or towels in earthy tones.

Overall Look

Another addition that makes your house look expensive is moulding. You can have a professional install it to the ceiling, baseboard, or chair railing. You don’t have to choose an elaborate moulding if that isn’t your thing. Choosing a simple one will do.

Lastly, you can buy frames that are sold in bulk. Buying in bulk is an inexpensive way to hang pieces of art. Try switching wall art now and then. Additionally, you can buy blank frames and put personalized items like bus tickets, gallery tickets, postcards, etc. Put the pieces that have special meaning to you.

Making your house look expensive even on a budget is easier than ever. You only need some creativity to achieve the style you want. Remember to choose a theme that’s close to your heart and work your way from there. Don’t go overboard and use attractive pieces that complement the not-so-good ones.

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