Garage Design: It All Starts with the Garage Door

There are only a few ways to place the garage in a house. The most common is in front, with a short driveway. Any way that a garage is placed, the garage door will take up a large space of the view of the home. In most places, the garage door is the biggest single door in the household.

Size and Weight

Garage doors are not massive doors. They are supposed to be light and manageable. It helps that the mechanisms behind garage doors are designed to help raise it even if the motor is not running.

In most instances, a child can raise the door without breaking a sweat. The door mechanism only needs a little bit of power to rise partway. Some mechanisms pick up the momentum and raise the door for the rest of the way. Other mechanisms need a slight push upwards until the door is fully raised.

Although doors are big, these are not heavy single blocks of wood or metal. The garage doors need to be light to use a small motor. Additionally, with a light garage door, the motor and garage door mechanism would not need to work so hard, and this can lead to longer lifetimes for both the door and mechanism.

Another reason garage doors are not made of a single piece is the danger of warping. The door can warp if it was made of only one piece. Once warped, it would be hard to raise the door, as well as lower it, because the warped portion would not fit the door guides.

Replacing a single door would also be a problem during the installation. In contrast, a garage door made of panels would be easier to repair and install. In Cairns, a damaged garage panel door requires immediate repairs.

Modern Design Considerations

contractor painting garage windowMost new houses offer new designs. Unfortunately, the only things that can be changed with garage doors are the windows and the paint. The aim is for it to fit into the new home design, and the paint job will have to do.

Modern garage door windows use the same materials, but with a different size. These days, the windows are slightly larger and placed lower. These can also be asymmetrical about the rest of the door.

More houses use roller doors, and this requires metal slats rather than panels. These are also sturdier and more robust in construction, but repairs would be more costly.

A garage door is a large portal to the home. It gives a glimpse of the house and its inhabitants. When it is raised, the garage is open for a view from the streets. It can be a showroom for the rest of the house.

Most homeowners would take the time to organise the garage and decorate it accordingly. It is now common for owners to have floor designs, as well as wall cabinets and designs. These provide plenty of colours to the garage and make it more inviting to guests and neighbours.

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