How Office Design Can Improve Employees’ Health and Productivity

A company’s reputation does not build upon its own over time. It requires an organized way to operate things, of which employees play a major role in driving the company towards success. Aside from creating an effective business plan, a company should also invest in office design.

For one thing, conducive office design can affect a lot in employees’ productivity and even their health. Adding workspace partitions to the overall office design will greatly affect how employees perform on their respective jobs. High level of work productivity means more profit to the company. More importantly, it can also result in happy and satisfied employees.

The importance of office design

The past years saw the evolution of the modern office. Back then, a lot of office workers were used to working in cubicles, hunched over their bulky desktop computers with landline phones on the one hand. Nowadays, you can see a lot of offices with open space designs. Regardless of the office design, one thing can be sure: it can affect a lot of employees’ productivity and how they perceive work in general.

According to a report from the Fellowes, 87 percent of office workers want their employers to provide a healthier workplace amenities and benefits such as health and fitness programs and ergonomic chairs among a few. This is also true to the 93 percent of employees working in the IT industry, according to the same report.

Working in an office environment can either be healthy or unhealthy, depending on its design. For one thing, we would mostly spend a lot of our waking days at work during our entire adult life. That is why it is only essential that we work in a conducive environment that will contribute to the company’s success. At the same time, a good work atmosphere will also create an impact on the employee’s health and work attitude.

Cubicle or no cubicle?

big team of employees working

However, the debate remains: should companies opt for cubicle workspaces or open office designs? Each option offers its own benefits. For example, cubicle workspaces offer privacy and improve the flow of temperature. There are also different types of office partitions to choose from, including glass.

A glass partition is a good option if you want to reduce noise levels and additional disruptions. At the same time, it can still create a feeling of open space and can encourage the entry of natural light. You can also choose to add tinting, blinds, or frosting on the glass surface to provide privacy among employees.

Having said these, office partitions can be applicable to all types of office workspace. It will depend on the type of partition material the company will choose. On the other hand, an open working space is also a popular choice depending on the company’s business objectives.

Having a conducive office environment is crucial for employees’ productivity, work attitude, and ethics. That is why companies should invest for their employees’ welfare, including a good workspace design. Not only it will affect their work performance but also ensure the company’s profitability and positive reputation.

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