Exterior Home Renovation Ideas Contractors Can Suggest

The exterior of the home carries a lot of weight. Unlike the interiors, every passer-by sees it, which only visitors can see. Most of you in this business will find that clients want something different from the other houses in the block when it comes to the exteriors. However, you should always suggest something that suits the client’s lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic senses as a contractor.

Your client should be able to maintain it as well. So, it is a long-term relationship. It makes sense to study your client’s psyche before you suggest just about any remodeling or renovation tips. Every home adheres to a specific architectural style. It should also cover some protective elements to keep the structure long. It is better to sit for a consultation before making any changes to the frame.

Read about the top exterior renovation ideas you can suggest to your client.

Fresh Paint on the Exteriors

This is one of the first things that come to mind when thinking of a remodel project. A coat of fresh paint can do better than you can think of. No matter how expensive or good-quality the exterior paint is, it will start peeling off in about five years. It is because the exteriors of any home have to bear natural calamities like hail, rain, and frost continuously. These lead to deterioration. You should always suggest to your client a shade that matches the architectural style of your client. This will lend a look and feel that few can miss.

Patios and Landscape Makeover

If your client has an outdoor patio or yard, there are lots of things that you can suggest. You can touch upon pools, gazebos, birdhouses, landscaped and well-manicured gardens, and sculptures. However, consult with clients to maintain these structures and additions to their open space. Clients often ask you if their deck requires waterproofing. You will get this query when you suggest a backyard platform or one in front of the pool area.

Some families love to celebrate parties and cooking competitions in the backyard from time to time. There might be bonfires as well. Guests can spill water on the platforms while engaging in various activities. Talking about the pool front, it is one of the places subjected to water damage in the years to come. So, in such cases, the coating might require additional expense.

Additionally, when you suggest a platform for various purposes, you also must consider the additional costs. Otherwise, the expense will prove to be futile. You might also lose the client due to the incomplete delivery of information.

You also need to tell your clients that they’ll need a gardener or maintenance personnel to plant trees and install additional structures for beautification.

Roof installation project underway

Roof Upgrade

Another part of the house visible from nearby buildings, homes, and high rises, is the roof. It plays a significant role in adding aesthetic value and functionality. As a contractor, it is your responsibility to see if the top has suffered any damages. Gutters are an essential part of the roof. So, it is evident that you need to survey the structure, and if there is damage, suggest a replacement or repair first. You can also indicate a roof made from metal or shingles.

Metals offer more longevity than shingles roofs. Asphalt is yet another option. Apart from these, you also need to check if the insulation is proper. It makes the house energy-efficient. Suggest colored roof tiles if your client wants a complete makeover.

Bold Color Trimmings

You can suggest one of the trending additions to homes right now. Bold colored accents are in fashion, and many homeowners do the same. Look for colors that can complement the rest of the color scheme. Some bold colors for this season are turquoise, navy blue, red, and black. You can add these bold-colored accents on shutters, windows, doors, and any woodwork on the outer part of the house. Trimmings, accents, or moldings are all similar. These are additional features like paint or carvings or texturization on the frames of the structures mentioned above.

Garage Makeover

A garage makeover can also transform the look of any house. Many people are creating party dens in the place of garages. You can break down the to make way for bay windows and doors. However, you must check the zoning norms and building codes before suggesting and taking the task forward. Additionally, you might also need the local municipal office’s permission. A converted garage can help you store excess furniture as well. So, homes having a garage space are lucky. As a contractor, your options to experiment also magnify.

These are a few renovations and remodel ideas that are trending today. You can suggest these to clients. Get ready to gain a lot of publicity after completing such successful projects.

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