Creative Touches that Will Personalise Your Memorial or Funeral Service

Giving you a befitting send-off after your demise might become the primary element that sends your family into debt. This is because your loved ones will work hard and even borrow money to immortalise your life. The best way of averting this is to preplan your funeral. While considered taboo to plan for in the past, death is an eventuality. It should thus be appropriately planned for with a prepaid funeral package from a reputable funeral director.

Some assume that prepaid funeral packages are only for those with terminal illnesses and advanced age. However, paying for your funeral package should start as soon as you can spare some cash. This way, you have more time to pay for your desired funeral rather than rush at the last minute and get burdened with hefty monthly premiums in impending death. Preplanning your funeral or memorial service also gives you the chance to personalise your send-off. Here are a few creative ideas to include in your funeral service to customise it:


This can be used to evoke memories of some special times. When putting together your funeral, pick songs that mean something to you rather than those that are trendy. You can come up with a playlist for your memorial or funeral service. This will also give your loved ones something to remember you for long after your demise.

Mementoes and Décor

bouquet of flowers near a coffinThe décor used for your funeral or memorial services should reflect your interests, hobbies, and personality. Although these might be well known to your loved ones, picking them will reaffirm their knowledge of them. Guests can also select the mementoes and décor you choose so that they can hold on to a piece of something that reflects your life after the service. There are endless stories of your life that you can tell through the décor you choose for your service. Those who love gardening, for instance, can have a service packed with plants and flowers and then hand you some seed packets for guests.


Black is not the only colour people can wear to a funeral. Have the guests follow a colour scheme for their attire as a tribute to your life and to create a laid-back atmosphere of your service. Other than the colour of their attire, you can pick a clothing style that reflects your personality. If, for example, you are a horse racing enthusiast, you can opt for cowboy hats and boots.


Almost every funeral and memorial service will have flowers. But some people are not so keen on flowers for their service since they assume that flowers will make their service like all others. You can incorporate flowers in your service in a customised way such as by having pallbearers wear them in their hair rather than lapels. The flowers can also be arranged in cowboy boots, watering cans, coffee cups, and teapots instead of the traditional flowerpots and vases.

With the ideas mentioned above, your funeral or memorial service will not be like everyone else’s. Moreover, it will be one of the most memorable ones your loved ones will attend. With some guidance from a funeral director, the service will be inexpensive without sacrificing beauty and personalisation.

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