Affordable and Meaningful Personalized Gift Ideas for Big Groups

Certain occasions and holidays call for personalized gifts for large groups, and the recipients are often our families, friends, and corporate clients. Coming up with personalized gifts for several people on short notice, however, is challenging; you may not have enough time or funds to shop for each person. Your best bet would be readily-available items that you can customize for each recipient.

Here are some recommendations for last minute personalized gift ideas.

Engraved Pens, Cups, and Other Usable Items

Did you know that laser etching on wood, plastic, marble, or stainless steel can now be done with extreme precision and speed? Laser engravers are some of the most reliable manufacturing machines today. Some brands, like Tykma Vereo, can engrave an entire image on sheet metal in less than a minute.

These machines make engraved cups, pens, and other trinkets ideal gifts for large groups. You can customize each item with the recipient’s name and a short message because many sellers offer free engravings when you buy their products. More importantly, you’ll receive your orders fast. Easy peasy, right?

Personalized Cutting or Cheese Boards

Kitchen tools, food service accessories, and other home products are never too old or too tacky for anyone. People will appreciate them, and you can personalize them without breaking the bank.

For instance, you can buy wooden boards and customize them with names, messages, or slogans–all you need are a regular inkjet printer and a few sheets of wax paper. Print the design you want on the glossy surface of the wax paper, lay the pattern face-down on the wooden board, and use the edge of a credit card to swipe the back of the printout to transfer the ink from the wax paper to the wood. Press hard, but be careful because you don’t want to rip the paper.

You can print recipes, song lyrics, or perhaps a friendly message for each person along with a stylized image! This simple DIY is perfect for cutting boards or cheese boards. Recipients who love wine will surely appreciate these gifts.

Candy Jars

variety of candies

Want to keep things simple and easy? Buy beautiful jars in wholesale and fill them with assorted candies, biscuits, or chocolates. These will go down well with both adults and children as sweets and pastries are hard to resist. It won’t take long to prepare these gifts. Just pick several bags of assorted candies and chocolates, buy your jars, fill them up, and then top off each one with a brightly-colored ribbon. Finally, write a card for each recipient to give each jar a personal touch.

Printed T-Shirts

If you’re pressed for time, giving printed T-shirts would be a good idea. Buy free-size t-shirts in bulk, choose a message or design that suits everyone, and hand them all off to a t-shirt printing business.  Write a personal note for each person, and you’re done!

Personalized gifts make people feel special. Even a short but heartfelt dedication can increase the value of a gift. If, however, you have limited time and budget, the best option is to find practical items that are easy to find and customize.

Let these gift ideas inspire you on your next gift-giving spree. Remember, you can be frugal and thoughtful at the same time!

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