Your Answer to On-Time Delivery and Branding Needs

A fleet of swanky new vans will give you a decided edge on the market and grow your business. They will not only project a professional image but also let you meet and even exceed customer expectations.

Having your pick from the range of new Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans for sale in Utah might be the key to taking your business to the next level. These rugged, durable yet comfortable vans make the perfect workhorse. They will let you make your delivery runs effortlessly and boost the credibility of your brand.

It’s no secret that customers are highly impressionable and will almost always pick the deliver services with the best vans. And it’s not about being petty either. A fleet of swanky new vans projects an image of professional capability, which is a high selling point.

Quick Turnaround

Naturally, new cars have lower maintenance needs and are less likely to have a breakdown on the road. Prospective customers know this as well and will give you a wide berth if you have a fleet of rickety old vans. New cars are a major selling point for your business, especially when dealing with perishable goods.

Delayed shipments can lead you customers incur hefty losses due to spoilage and lost business. Too many of such incidents would mar the reputation of your company, meaning that you’d be forever looking to recruit new customers. A well-maintained fleet that comprises mostly of new vans boosts customer confidence and promises quick delivery runs.

In a tight market, your ability to deliver goods and services quickly gives you a decided edge. It’ll help you grow your client base while leaving you free to focus on building your business. You get to harness the power of word of mouth marketing when your clients recommend your services.

Billboard on Wheels

sprinter van

Some Sprinter models are 274.1 inches long, 110 inches high and 95.5 inches wide, and this gives them a commanding presence on the road. People are likely to notice these gentle giants as they sit quietly by a stop sign or as they glide down the highway. With proper branding, you turn each van in your fleet into a billboard and grow your brand presence.

Branded vehicles make an excellent addition to your marketing and advertising efforts. Best of all, they follow the set & forget model, making it cheap and affordable. When done correctly, the branding can serve you for a long time without needing a touchup.

Of course, you need to entrust these marketing marvels to reliable and qualified drivers. The sight of your branded vehicles speeding and overtaking dangerously on the roads will harm your brand reputation. Too many dents and dings on the bodywork will damage the artwork and ruin the appearance.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Depending on the model, you can have as much as 530 cubic feet of cargo volume to let you handle a payload of up to 5,000 pounds. Such a workhorse enables you to meet your transportation needs without breaking a sweat. Best of all, it lowers the number of trips necessary to fill your client’s orders as you can load them all up and do it in one go.

In case you’re going to work offsite, you can out the Sprinter’s insane towing power to good use. You can hitch a trailer and haul as much as 3.5 tons of equipment depending on the size of your van.

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