What You Need to Know About Dry Lining

Dry lining is a technique for walling. It is a popular method often used in commercial spaces. In dry lining, plasterboard is attached to the wall. The plasterboard is a convenient cover for bare walls. If there are imperfections on the wall, dry lining makes it easy to cover those up.

Before you decide to use dry lining for your own project and learn what dry lining tools in the UK are available, you need to know a few things about this walling technique.

It Is Fast

Many builders and owners prefer the dry lining walling technique because it’s fast and convenient. The process can be done more quickly than other walling processes. It’s ideal for commercial walling projects where construction work often has to be done quickly or within a set timeframe.


Another benefit of dry lining is that the materials are very light. Being light, these materials can be used easily for a variety of purposes, making them versatile. Besides, the plasterboard is dry, making it convenient to handle.

A Great Insulator

Plasterboard has great thermal efficiency, which makes it an ideal insulator.  In dry lining, there is a space between the wall and the plasterboard, and that space can be filled up with insulation material.

Easy to Paint

Since plasterboard is a dry material, you can have an easy time decorating it. You can paint it right away because you don’t have to wait for it to dry. With traditional plastering, you need to wait for a while before you can paint it since it has to dry completely. That can sometimes take months.

Improves Fire Safety

Another major advantage offered by the use of plasterboards is that they can improve safety. Some plasterboards are fireproof which means your room will remain relatively safe in case there is a fire emergency.

Improves Acoustics

If you want a quiet working environment then you should use dry lining since it can improve the acoustics of the room. It can prevent the noise from the outside into entering the room.

Hides Pipes and Other Wires

man plastering a wall

Because plasterboards are very versatile and can be used for almost any kind of situation, they can be configured in order to hide wires and other parts of the wall which you want to hide.

If you are planning on doing a renovation of your commercial space, then using dry lining is highly recommended. It is so versatile and easy to do that the renovation should be fast-tracked when you use dry lining.

Dry lining can also bring other advantages that you cannot get from other walling methods that are currently available. If you’re interested in giving dry lining a try, you should get in touch with professional contractors with experience in the procedure.

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