5 Benefits of Using High Speed Rapid Roll Doors

For owners of health care, commercial and industrial facilities, having a door that not only offers an effective barrier against intruders but also facilitates quick access is hard to achieve. This is because there are very few door types that can offer such a compromise.

This is because many doors offer only excellent protection but restrict easy access, while some doors provide quick access but not exactly excellent protection. Well, the good news is that there’s actually a particular door type that offers both: the high-speed rapid roll door.

Simply defined, a high-speed rapid roll door is a popular type of door that facilitates effortless in and out of people, equipment and cargo. It does all of this while ensuring great protection by restricting unauthorised access.

There are companies in Australia that specialise in the manufacture of these modern doors so you can surely get the right doors for your specific needs. Let’s take a quick look into the five benefits of using a high-speed rapid roll door:


This door type is proven to be energy efficient since there is built-in insulation that helps keep an optimum indoor temperature. By regulating the heat indoors, the door helps lower electrical bills and ensure that occupants inside can enjoy a comfortable stay as they work or relax.

If you have workers or occupants who must work in an environment with optimum conditions, having a door that can regulate temperature is an absolute necessity.

Prevents contamination

Another reason to use rapid roll doors is hygiene. Because the doors open and close rapidly, the chances of entry of contaminants and animals such as vermin are greatly diminished. Additionally, properties that are located in heavily populated areas with high levels of air pollution can benefit from using such a door type.

This is because it rapidly closes and opens, thereby reducing exposure to the outside air.

remote controlling the rolling door

Ease of access

From the name itself, high-speed rapid roll doors facilitate quick access into and exit from the areas that the doors protect. Most of the doors can open and close in a matter of seconds to allow equipment, cargoes, and personnel to enter or exit.

Some doors feature a manual override for situations where manual operation is the safest thing to do.

Protects against fire

There are models of rapid roll doors that have far greater fire protection capabilities than most doors in the market. These rapid roll doors are ideal for use in structures where there is a constant threat of fire breaking out, such as industrial facilities.

By having doors that provide a remarkable layer of protection against fire, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is fairly protected. However, you should still enforce strict fire prevention rules and install fire management equipment in case the inevitable happens.

Noise reduction

Roll doors are known to greatly reduce the ambient noise that makes its way into the interiors of buildings. This is specifically helpful for properties where occupants must work in relative silence for optimum productivity and comfort.

Just make sure to get your high-speed rapid roll doors from a reliable supplier and installer, and you can definitely enjoy these great benefits.

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