Ways to Make Public Restrooms Spacious

Unlike residential bathrooms, public restrooms are not meant to be personal oases. Most people do not spend more than 10 minutes in them. Although it is not a place for relaxation, it is imperative to make users feel at ease while in them, especially when space is a rare commodity.

Since even someone who does not have claustrophobia might have an uncomfortable experience using a tiny public restroom, consider the following:

Free Up as Much Floor Space as Possible

Trusted bathroom vanity suppliers will recommend floating fixtures to clear the floor. Without a lot of space, you ought to keep as much floor visible as possible to make the eye trick the brain.

Wall-mounted vanities (and toilets) add another dimension to restrooms with limited area. The sight of more flooring will suffice to create an illusion of space.

Hide What You Can

As a general rule, embrace a minimalist restroom design to avoid overwhelming the eye. Do not display what you can keep out of view. The less clutter there is, the more spacious everything will look.

If you are going to have floating vanities, understand that you might have less storage space. Unless you set such fixtures higher than usual, their cabinets will be shorter.

Furthermore, strongly consider concealing the flushometers. Achieving this goal is a bigger plumbing challenging than you might think, so consult a qualified engineer and an experienced architect first. If you managed to use the wall to obscure these eyesores, every toilet and urinal would look much cleaner.

Think Twice Before Using Wall Art

Speaking of minimalism, use the art for decoration with caution. While a painting can make a characterless public restroom feel somewhat home, using a not-so-well-thought-out artwork can appear more obtrusive than welcoming.

Instead of hanging something on the wall, think about having stylish tiles or wall decals instead. After all, one beautiful statement wall is all it takes to create a positive impression.

Do Not Skimp on Lighting

well lit public restroomAdequate lighting can make any cramped space feel less claustrophobic. To keep lighting fixtures from appearing overly intrusive, use recessed ones.

If you could use windows to illuminate your restrooms with the sun, it could work. Of course, use frosted glass to maintain a healthy level of privacy.

Make the Light Bounce

Some surfaces absorb light; others do not. Go with materials that reflect the light, so it can bounce around the restroom and feel brighter even with little light.

Metallic colors and glossy finishes are must-haves. These reflective elements lessen the visual divide created by stalls.

Moreover, use mirrors strategically. Installing a bunch of them and placing them in otherwise boring walls serves multiple purposes. The abundance of mirrors allows the light to penetrate different corners of the area and gives restroom users plenty of choices to see their reflection for convenience.

In the end, remember that real estate limitations are not immovable roadblocks to roomy public restroom designs. With proper engineering and architectural creativity, less floor and wall space can feel more.

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