Understanding the Different Styles of Car Bodies

If you are a car enthusiast or are only looking to buy a vehicle, it helps to understand the different styles when it comes to their bodies. Any person just browsing through a catalog or staring into traffic can tell that there must be differences. You need some reading to identify them for sure.

In Pharr, used cars will come in different designs. Sometimes, the model can be a combination of two styles. Below are the most commonly available categories in the market:

Sedans and Hatchbacks

Sedans also go by the name saloon cars. They are meant for passengers and have a bonnet covering the engine. They also have a boot in the rear for keeping luggage. Most vehicles in the market today have this body and can accommodate a minimum of four people. Sometimes, the sedan is called the “three-box” style like with a Honda City. Hatchbacks, on the other hand, have sloping backs with a rear door which opens upwards. Hatchbacks are not vans since they are compact and can seat five people. A Maruti Suzuki Swift is a hatchback.

SUVs and MPVs

Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) look like estates but are raised from the ground and are more prominent. They often come in four-wheel-drives making them ideal for both off and on-road uses. Some SUVs share the same capacity as large sedans or minivans like a Ford Endeavour. MPVs are vehicles meant for many purposes. They are usually as tall as station wagons and mostly come in two box designs. MPVs are generally used to transport passengers seated in three rows. One car can carry a minimum of seven passengers.

Estates and Crossovers

An estate looks like a saloon car, but the cargo area is extended. The two-box style of these cars allows a compartment for passengers over the space that would otherwise be a boot in a sedan. Also called station wagons, estates are like the Audi RS6. Crossover design is developed from a platform. It often has features like high ground clearance or seating positions like those in an SUV. Crossovers like the Ford Freestyle are meant for use in off-road activities.

Coupes and Convertibles

red convertible car

Coupes are variants of the saloon car but with more sporty features. They also have two doors instead of four. However, different car makers will experiment with the design a little to make it personal. Convertibles or otherwise called cabriolets usually have a foldable roof. These roofs are often made of vinyl or canvas, but some exceptions use plastic or steel. Convertibles like the BMW Z4 have two doors.


Pickups are popular in sandy areas and come with an open cargo area. Sometimes, the term is also used to refer to utility cars with a chassis and dedicated platforms. Also called utes, these pickups will have four or two passenger doors.

When planning to buy a car, consider what you will use it to do. The different body styles are meant to have high functionality. You want a vehicle that will meet your needs.

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