Ensure Your Way to Success By Changing One Thing in Your Office

Feng shui is a pseudoscience that believes there are invisible forces that bind the universe. These forces bind humans and their environment. The goal of Feng shui is to make sure man-made objects and structures are placed on perfect spots where there is good qi (pronounced chi).

One object that you need to pay attention to is your office workstation or desk. Its placement, shape, and material play an important role in determining your success. So, before hiring a commercial office fit out project management service, get yourself acquainted with the good qi.

Desk position

Where you place your desk in the room can have an impact on your success. This position is called the command position. It is somewhere in the room where you can see the door but not directly in line with it. In other words, it is diagonally across the entrance.

Behind you should be a solid wall and beside the desk should be a big window.

Desk shape and material

office desk

The best desk shape is rounded. It can be oval, round, semi-circular, or bean-shaped. The rounded edges do not disrupt the flow of the good qi, and it makes others feel comfortable. This desk shape also promotes creativity and brainstorming.

As for the materials, wood and metal are the best options, as they both symbolise stability. Glass tables are for transparency, but they don’t express stability. You may accessorise it with plants or wooden décors instead.

In terms of size, your desk should be congruent with the office space. Don’t place a small table in a large room because it symbolises inferiority. Don’t get a table too large that you can’t reach the edges, as it may mean you cannot achieve your goals. The colors of your desk also matter. Bright hues revitalise the body while muted colors stimulate the mind.

Items on desk

The placement of items on your desk also says a lot about your priorities and your success. This placement should follow an energy map or the bagua. It also promotes the flow of positive energy.

Think of your desktop as a nine-part grid. The top left corner is the space for wealth. It’s the perfect spot for valuable items. The spot next to that is for fame and reputation. This is the spot for your accomplishments or business cards. The one beside that is for love. That’s where you place photos of you and your partner. A flower will do if you’re single.

The one below the wealth spot is for family. Place anything there that reminds you of your loved ones. The middlemost spot is for your health, so it’s better to keep that spot clean. Next to that is for creativity. It’s where you can place a book or sketchpads.

The bottom left spot is for wisdom. Place a book about something you want to learn there. The bottom center is for your career. You should also keep it clutter-free. Others put their laptop on this area.

The principles of Feng shui is not backed by science. But if you think of it, the placement of items in your office indeed affects your energy. Case in point, a window beside you lets the sunshine in, which gives you energy throughout the day.

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