The Retirement Questions No One Wants to Think About

Employees in their prime think about their own house, family, children, pets, and vacations every so often. Rarely do they think about retirement because it feels like an abstract concept that’s too far away to imagine. Though you already work in a company with good retirement benefits, you should still prepare for your life after 60.

Lockheed Martin employees, specifically, should start thinking about these questions:

Will You be Okay Financially?

You don’t need to stress about anything when it comes to financial independence in your retirement age. There’s the Lockheed Martin retirement plan in place, and your own money can also start working for you right now. Granted, you will not be receiving a paycheck for employment once you’re already retired, but your financial situation need not suffer.

Of course, you can only get that assurance if you start working now to maximize your benefits and to find other sources of income in your senior years. Many consider investing, whether in real estate or stocks. You can also be a silent partner in a business so that you can start reaping rewards sooner.

Should You Plan for the End?

Though people are dying older, death is still inevitable. Despite this knowledge, however, everyone still feels the urge to bite their tongue when the subject of death comes up. The reality is it’s never too early to plan your funeral arrangements. It makes sense financially, as prices may increase in the future, especially if you haven’t purchased a plot of land for your grave.

Pre-planning a funeral means you pay at a lower cost and you have some control over your final resting place. Even if you don’t want to plan your own funeral, you can still update your last will and testament to reflect your wishes regarding your assets. This ensures that everything you’ve worked hard for will go to those deserving.

Have You Lived a Happy Life?

old woman talking to another womanAnswering this question requires a little bit of introspection, as no one else can answer it but you. You can have all the money in your bank account, but if you sacrificed your relationships to earn those, you will not feel satisfied. Then again, if you didn’t save anything to show for your hard work, it will be hard to say you’re happy either.

While you’re young, strike a balance between work and play. Work hard and achieve your goals financially, but don’t forget to celebrate with the people you love. Make new memories — those that you will remember and share with your grandchildren.

Have You Lived a Good Life?

Happiness is one thing, but being proud of the life you’ve lived is another. If you have shared your blessings with the less fortunate and you have helped those in need, even if not financially, you can happily say you had a good and meaningful life. Humans are happier when they connect, and you can connect by sharing what you have with others who may need more. Even if you can just lend an ear to a stressed colleague, you’ve already done plenty.

There’s no knowing what’s waiting at the end of your life, but that shouldn’t stop you from living to the fullest.

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