The Limousine Code of Conduct for Newbie Passengers

Limousines are commonly viewed as the peak of luxury when it comes to vehicles. It only follows that people think that its passengers also have good taste and a lot of class. This is a common reason for some to rent one, but that perceived richness comes at a price that’s beyond the money. You’d have to follow certain rules before, during, and even after your ride. Here are but a few guidelines that you should follow when hiring a limo:

Make a Reservation in Advance

It takes a good amount of preparation for a limo service in Connecticut to give you the best riding experience. What if you want certain food and drink items in the car? Or what if you or a companion wanted to get the power seat? Just like with any other luxury amenities, you have to book one ahead of time. Make reservations at least a week before so that the company has enough time to prepare for any special requests.

Practice Cleanliness

group of friends in a limoSurely, you’ll have the limo to yourself and your friends, but that doesn’t mean that you can let it all loose. Always make it a point to keep the vehicle clean during the course of the trip. Wipe or even wash your hands if you can, especially after you’ve handled greasy food items. You do not want to get those fingerprint stains on the seats. Also, be careful whenever you pop open a bottle of your preferred drink as it may spill inside the car. Sweep away any crumbs of food that you see on both the seats and the car floor and avoid smoking to prevent ashes from accumulating inside.

Be Courteous

Of course, you don’t have to get too chummy or overly familiar with the driver and treat them as if they are a long-time friend. You just have to practice common courtesy and treat the driver as if they are a guest at a party. Be mindful of the volume of your conversations because it can become rather distracting. If you feel that you have to do something proactive, you can offer the chauffeur some refreshments from time to time.

Let the Chauffeur Do Their Job

As nice as it sounds to help the chauffeur out with their tasks, it’s still best to let them handle what they’re supposed to do. Let them open the door for you if you’re going to enter or exit the vehicle. Allow them to put your bags and other luggage in the trunk on their own. Most importantly, never become a backseat driver. It’s their job to take care of you and your belongings while you’re riding the limo, so let them do it in peace.

When you board a luxurious vehicle such as a limo, it’s only right that its passengers also evoke the same aura of prestige and class that it does. You can achieve that effect by making it a point to abide by these rules. It also helps to be mindful of your surroundings and the vehicle while you’re in it. This will ensure that your ride will be smooth and enjoyable. Aside from that, you’ll look good as well.

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