Five Reasons to Get Your Own Piece of Baguio

Baguio City is known as a premier holiday destination in the Philippines. It is nicknamed the “Summer Capital” and the “City of Pines.” Other than its promising tourism industry, Baguio’s real estate is also seeing major growth over the past few years. All thanks to the local and international visitors who want to get their own piece of this wonderful place.

What is it in Baguio that lures in people and makes them want to stay longer or even for good? Here are some of the reasons you would want to live in this beautiful city.

1. Scenic Spots

Baguio boasts a number of tourist spots that attract millions of tourists each year. Burnham Park and Mines View Park are some of the most popular attractions. Session Road and Camp John Hay are other favorite itineraries. The city offers postcard-perfect, Instagram-worthy views, from green forested mountains to landscaped gardens and parks. Just imagine living close to these wonderful spots!

2. Cool Climate

Situated in the high mountains of the Cordilleras, Baguio City is known for its cool climate. In fact, the temperature can still be as low as 16 degrees Celsius during April and May when the rest of the country typically experiences temperature as high as 38 degrees Celsius. This is why a lot of Filipinos, particularly those who live in the plains, flock to the place during summer season and holidays.

3. Alluring Arts

Artist painting a landscapeOne thing you’ll notice in Baguio is the bustling art scene in the city. A lot of local artists display and sell their works – from paintings to sculptures and handicrafts – on the street and boutique shops. It’s as if the city is made to allow arts to grow and flourish. In fact, many artists from other places choose to make Baguio their home. If you’re an art geek, come to National Artist Ben Cab’s museum. The Woodcarver’s Village is another must-see. If you want to be part of the diverse art community, you might as well start looking for a piece of land that you can buy in Baguio.

4. Fascinating Food

There are a number of local delicacies you must try in Baguio. One good example is their warm rice called bibingka. It is best served with batirol, their local hot chocolate. They make a perfect partner as you stroll around on the cold streets, with your hoodie on. There are many restaurants serving a wide array of food near the prime tourist spots as well.

5. Mesmerizing Markets

The city’s marketplace is a festival of sights, sounds, and tastes. You can find a variety of fresh produce nourished by the rich soil and cool air – juicy strawberries, crunchy lettuce, and colorful flowers. There are thrift shops known as ukay-ukay where you can find secondhand clothing (some are even branded) at an incredibly low price. There are a lot of food stalls on the street; you’ll never go hungry.

With all these things, it’s no wonder more and more people are interested in Baguio real estate. The demand is expected to grow higher in the coming years, knowing the influx of tourists and investors. If you think you’re ready to move to Baguio, it’s high time to get your own property and bask in its beauty.

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