The Best-selling Points of Suburban Living

The debate between city life and suburban living is never-ending. People have argued over which environment is a better place to live time and time again, but there is no definite answer to this question. The only deciding factor, after all, is the homebuyer’s opinion.

As a realtor, you might have difficulty explaining why your clients should prefer suburban neighborhoods over city life. Your clients might have asked why you would choose such an environment for yourself, and you end up drawing a blank.

Environment plays a big factor in deciding where people live, but it’s not the only aspect people look at. There are no definite grounds for wanting to live in the city or the suburbs since it’s almost always a case-to-case basis. There are, however, three good selling points that you can use to encourage your clients to consider living in a suburban area.

The Suburbs are Family-friendly Neighborhoods

One of the best-selling points of suburban neighborhoods is that they are better for big families and growing children. The suburbs are perfect for couples with kids because the houses are bigger, the schools are nearer, and the environment is safer than the city.

The usual home and land packages offered in suburban neighborhoods have two to three bedrooms, a backyard or a lawn, and sometimes, even both. These houses are a great place to raise children because they will have more space to be free and express themselves.

Suburban neighborhoods are also home to top-rated public and private schools, making them a better school district to enroll kids in. Commonly, school systems inside suburban areas have fewer crowded classrooms and more qualified teachers to accommodate the students than those in the cities.

When you place the suburbs and the city side-by-side to compare the crime rates, it is evident that there are more cases for the latter environment. This is an important factor in choosing a home’s potential area, especially when there are small children included in the picture.

a neighborhood by a lake

The Suburbs Have a Touch of Country Life

Between country living and the city lifestyle, the latter looks far more attractive to the average homebuyer. But that is mainly because the city has far better job opportunities and social life than being in the country.

However, fast-paced living isn’t for everyone, so suburban options are a great way to create a middle ground between country and city living. When people live in the suburbs, they can experience the same country lifestyle they imagine while still having access to the city if they need to.

In the suburbs, everything is so much cheaper compared to the prices in the city. People can buy more groceries with the same amount they spend on an average grocery run, and they won’t even have to deal with the traffic or crowded public transportation.

Suburbanites also have more freedom to renovate and design their homes as they please, unlike those that rent or own units in apartment buildings in the city. Homeowners can also put up fences around their house’s perimeter or build backyard structures that aren’t possible when they live in the city.

The Suburbs Bring People Closer to Nature

People of all ages are all in danger of suffering from nature-deficit disorder because they prefer to stay indoors than be in the natural world. Most of their time is spent in front of their smartphones, televisions, and computers instead of absorbing natural light or breathing in the fresh air.

Granted, the last thing can be difficult to do in a polluted environment that people have in the cities. This is why living in a suburban neighborhood can be more beneficial to their health. Houses in the suburbs are much wider and have access to backyards and nearby parks they can go to for fresh air.

Suburban environments also have less pollution of all aspects such as noise, light, water, and air because they are far from the city center. There are fewer people to crowd up the space, less noise from the city’s daily hustle and bustle, and less smog that pollutes the air people breathe.

Many people think that living in a suburban neighborhood is less convenient than staying inside the city, but they only say that because they don’t try to see the bigger picture. Sure, living in the city can be easier because of accessibility, but they don’t know that they are spending so much more for so little space and breathing room.

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