7 Services Your Hotel Business Should Outsource

No matter how big or small your hotel is, you’re busy. You have to deal with the day-to-day operations of running a business that involves customers and staff. It’d be tough to find the time if you were working on adding new services or updating some old ones.

Fortunately, there are plenty of companies out there who can do what you can’t, so all you need to do is choose which services best fit your needs.

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1. Accounting

Starting off with something near and dear to any business owner’s heart: accounting. When you run a hotel, every dollar matters because they add up very quickly.

One way for you to save money at tax time would be by outsourcing your bookkeeping to an accountant. They’ll be able to take care of all of your books, track expenses carefully, and make sure your taxes are calculated properly.

They can also create customized financial reports for you so that you can use the information in making future business decisions. After they’re done, all you have to do is sign off on their work.

2. Marketing

No one wants to stay at a hotel nobody knows about — it’s important to let as many people know about your establishment as possible! Keeping up with social media accounts and ad campaigns takes a lot of time and effort — not something every business has enough of.

A company like Social Media Sharks will focus on increasing brand awareness by updating existing platforms and creating new ones if necessary. They’ll also be able to help with other online marketing needs, such as SEO and content strategy.

3. Legal Advice

One of the more stressful parts of running a hotel is dealing with legal matters, whether it’s trying to win an argument or making sure, your employees are following the law.

You could either pay for individual consultations and hope you’re getting good advice or hire an in-house lawyer, which costs even more money and time than just going to a firm.

Instead, why not hire a professional? Businesses like Lawyers For You will provide you with lawyers that specialize in your specific industry so that you know you’ll be getting the best service possible.

4. Security

It doesn’t matter how nice your hotel is — crime happens everywhere, whether it’s theft from an employee, vandalism to your property, or a severe incident that requires filing paperwork and everything in between.

You could hire an individual security guard for each shift, but this would be incredibly expensive and take up too much time on your part. A better solution? An independent security company. They can provide someone who has years of experience as well as the necessary training, all while saving you money overall.

5. Laundry

If you have a smaller hotel, the laundry process might not be too taxing in terms of time and effort. But in a larger establishment, it can be a nightmare.

Whether you’re dealing with mountains of towels or bed sheets that haven’t been returned to their proper place, there’s only so much that an individual can do when it comes to keeping things clean.

Larger hotels benefit from a professional laundry service because they already have all the necessary equipment and know-how to quickly get everything done. In addition, outsourcing will keep your staff focused on other areas while giving customers what they need without problems.

6. Housekeeping

This ties into laundry but is separate enough that it deserves its own category — housekeeping. You give your guests clean sheets, towels, soap, shampoo, etc., but that doesn’t mean you have the energy or time to make sure it gets done.

A housekeeping service can handle everything from vacuuming all of your guest rooms to restocking supplies so that employees never have to worry about not being able to give guests what they need.

7. Valet & Concierge Service

No matter where you are in the world, valet and concierge services are always helpful for any traveler. Guests love being able to just hand their key over without having to worry about finding parking or lugging around heavy luggage.

It turns a mundane task into something easy and enjoyable for everyone involved — including you!

If you want an elegant service that makes you look good while giving your guests everything they need, hire an outside party. They already know the ins and outs of what makes a valet service run smoothly, so you don’t have to.

There are many services that your hotel business could potentially outsource to save you time and stress. The list of what can be outsourced is endless, from social media accounts and ad campaigns to legal advice, security, laundry, housekeeping, or valet & concierge service. You should consider which type of outsourcing would work best for your needs before deciding on one particular option.

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