Repairing Garage Door Cables

There are several doubts when it comes to carrying out garage door repairs. Therefore, this Garage Door Genius video will provide a series of tips on how to solve problems in a practical and simple way.

It’s important to make a small loop so that the cable doesn’t fall back and repeat the process on the other side. With the support of a bench and the 7’16 wrench in hand, climb up to the drum and loosen the fixed screws.

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Don’t take them off completely, just let them go.

After finger-tightening them to the bearing plate, it only takes three or four cranks to get them adjusted. Now take the pair of clamps and fit them onto the tube. Take the cable and look all the way to the end to make sure it is not caught on anything.

Using its end, rotate the tube until you find the small notch on the barrel. The cable is inserted to pull it up. The time comes to follow the groove on the drums, keep spinning, following only with your hand as shown in the video, and so you can just move the cable like a base rope and feel whether it is hanging or not.

Take the claws and attach it to the pipe. Using the 7’16 wrench, look for a notch in the drum where you can fit the cable and start winding. Finally, tighten the fixing screws. Now comes the moment of the torsion spring. It is very important to stay to the side or out of the way of the spring bars while preparing to put tension due to the risk of being hit in the face by them.

The garage door repairs procedure is shown in detail in the video and requires detailed care as each of the holes has a quarter turn. So, he starts with 30 going to 30 and has to add one or take one away. Just put a slash and start counting and so on. Tighten the fixing screws with your fingers and a 7’16 wrench.


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