Popular Garage Door Styles if Your Curb Appeal Needs an Update

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, which garage-door style must you go? If you are feeling overwhelmed now, don’t worry. You’re definitely not alone.

Over the years, we’ve come across a variety of designs of garage doors that, gladly, you can also automate. This way, you can control their operation¬†using a garage remote¬†– no heavy lifting, injuring your muscles, or creating a lot of noise.

But which of these should go well for your house? Read the descriptions to find out:

1. Carriage House

This is one of the most popular garage-door styles. Installed with an arched design, this style gives a historic feel to any home. It is also commonly found in many subdivisions that follow traditional themes.

Several panels, which slide up and down past each other on tracks for easy opening and closing, compose the doors. These panels are also constructed together to create the distinctively attractive overhang that gives this style an upper-class appearance.

2. Colonial Style

This traditional style of garage door is perfect for almost any home. With its classic design, it adds a sense of elegance and beauty to your house. It comes in different styles with four- and six-panel construction and can also include windows and decorative glass.

3. Contemporary Style

These garage doors are sleek, modern, and popular with those who want clean lines for their home without sacrificing style or value. They come in a variety of colors including white, black, beige, brown, and gray. The two most common styles are sectional and panel. Also available in this style is an inswing door, which swings out or flips up to open.

4. French Style

This style of garage door is usually made of stucco or stone and resembles the doors seen on homes in France. This particular style is very elegant, adding a certain charm to your home. These doors are most commonly found on estates, where they accentuate the beauty of the entire house design.

5. Georgian Style

This design is very similar to the Colonial style. The only difference is that it has an arched top, which makes it taller and more expansive in appearance. It is usually made of wood with four panels that are easily removable for cleaning or repairs.

6. Victorian Style

This is a popular style that mimics the traditional look of large garage doors seen in old Victorian estates. It is usually made of wood or steel with decorative panels that are embellished with carvings, scrolls, and other features.

7. Modern Style

modern garage

This garage door has clean lines and is defined with large panes of glass. It gives a strong sense of style and sophistication but doesn’t have too much going on so as not to take away from your home.

8. Mission Style

Just like the name suggests, this style of door is made with wooden panels and provides a custom look that makes it unique and stylish for any home. These doors can be painted or stained to achieve the look you want and can be designed in several ways. This style of garage door is very popular with homeowners because it has the ability to look both new and old at the same time, allowing your home to be unique without sacrificing value or beauty.

9. Overhead Doors

This is an extremely popular style known for its durability. These doors are most commonly made of steel, aluminum, or fiberglass, ensuring they will last for years without losing their beautiful appearance. They have several panels that can be painted in different colors, allowing them to match the color scheme of your home.

10. Rolling Steel

These doors are most commonly seen on industrial buildings, where they serve as working garage doors. However, they can also enhance the beauty of your home with their unique design and durability. They usually come in white and feature a sleek and stylish appearance.

11. Sectional Style

This garage-door style is very popular because it allows homeowners to park their cars inside while still enjoying ample access to the outside without having to open up the entire garage door. These doors are most commonly made of steel or aluminum, ensuring they will look great for many years.

12. Roll-up Style

These garage doors are similar to roll-up carports, where they resemble a carport with a door that rolls up instead of opening out. They are most commonly made of aluminum and steel, which makes them rust-resistant and ensures a long-lasting product.

Have you picked your garage door? When deciding on the best style for your home, it is most important to consider your personal taste and lifestyle. You want to ensure that you will love your garage door and that it will reflect the beauty of your property.

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