Most Important Motorcycle Safety Measures for New Riders

There are so many rewards to owning and learning how to ride a motorcycle. Among the top reasons most people do are physical exercise, mode of transport and as a leisure activity. Well, all these reasons are genuine, but looking at the motorcycle accidents statistics, it leaves one rethinking whether it is all worth it after all, especially if you are a new rider.

Anyway, don’t let the statistics put you off, though. With the right safety measures in place, you can avoid these unnecessary mishaps and being part of the statistics. Unless, of course, you, unfortunately, become a victim of someone else’s negligence on the road.

Your lawyer should have an easy time building a case here. On that note, remember to shop around for an insurance policy and a good motorcycle accident attorney here in Los Angeles. Luckily, it is easy to find a competent one who can represent you in these cases.

Let’s look at what are these safety measures that you must observe as a new rider.

Buy a newbie kind of bike

Resist the urge to go big with your first bike. It is exciting to finally start cruising, especially if you’ve been dreaming about it for long. But resist the urge to go big with the type of bike. The biking industry has really evolved in the last two decades, and more and more bikes are being released into the market.

You will find bikes with small displacement engines but very fast and powerful. Being a new rider, you will get overpowered, and that could prove fatal. When buying your first bike, go for one that comfortably fits your grip. The handlebars and controls should be well within your reach and your feet should rest on the ground and not hanging.

When on it, it should be centered and not feel heavy. A 500cc to 750cc bike engine would be a great start if you intend to do highway riding.

Invest in your biking skills

Having the desire to bike is one thing; actually doing it is another. Watching other bikers ride effortlessly may seem a pretty easy task, but it seems easy because they have honed their riding skills, something that you should do as well if you want to keep safe when on the road.

Register for a riding course with a Motorcycle Safety Foundation within your area. Riding courses cost about $350, but you can also find free courses.

Get yourself antilock brakes

two bikers in a motorcycle

Statistics have proven that motorcycles with antilock brakes are 35 percent less likely to be involved in fatal crashes as opposed to bikes without them. Having an ABS in a bike helps you gain control in case of an emergency stop.

Many motorcycle manufacturers have included this life-saver feature in their latest models so be sure to get one of those. They are slightly costly but worth every coin you will spend.

Invest in the right biking gear

There is a reason we have special gear for biking. They are not only for show but are also for protective purposes. Invest in bright-colored leather jackets or reinforced jackets, ankle-length biking boots, full pants and gloves.

You will also need to invest in padded jackets with breathable mesh materials for ventilation during the warm and hot weather. Other safety gears that you must own are goggles and helmets.


It will take a lot of effort on your part to keep yourself safe on the road – from wearing the right biking gear and learning the skill to buying the right bike with protective features. After all, your safety is your responsibility.

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