Don’t Get into Trouble When Riding Your ATV

With the new regulation, you can take your all-terrain vehicle out for a spin with all confidence. Utah is proving to be a UTV-friendly state that allows them on just about any street in the country.

It’s possible to introduce kids to the wonderful world of motoring without getting into legal trouble. Well, you won’t be putting them behind the wheel of a regular car, but you can get them driving all-terrain vehicles or side-by-sides in South Jordan.

Doing so is a great way to hone their driving skills and improve their safety on the road. That said, you need to meet some requirements to make your little ones eligible to ride their side-by-sides.

Get Them Certified

Anyone below the age of 16 years needs to sit and pass the OHV Safety Course. Upon successful completion, they are required to carry the Utah ATV Safety Certificate whenever they are using public land. The minimum age of eligibility for this test is eight years, which is the minimum legal age of an ATV driver.

Kids under the age of eight years can’t legally operate an ATV in public as that will amount to a breach of the law. On the other hand, anyone over the age of 16 years and holds a valid driving license doesn’t need to sit for the course.

Register the All-Terrain Vehicle

Man filling up a formThe state of Utah requires that you register and title all your special cars, including motorcycles, snowmobiles, trailers and all-terrain vehicles. Therefore, you need to disclose any off-highway vehicles that you plan to use on public road or vehicle. While the process varies depending on the vehicle you need to register, it all starts with a trip to the local DMV offices.

All-terrain vehicles fall under the off-highway vehicle classification and will cost you a $22 registration fee. If your unit is less than three years old, you will pay $18 in taxes, with the cost decreasing with age.

Keep Safe

Regardless of your age or experience, you should wear a DOT approved helmet when operating an all-terrain vehicle. For operators and passengers under the age of 18, wearing a helmet is a legal requirement. For additional safety, wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts, gloves, and special ATV riding boots that go over the ankle.

When riding on private land, be sure to seek the landowner’s permission to avoid trespassing and getting into trouble. As with any other vehicle, no one should operate an off-road vehicle when under the influence of drugs.

In the end, thanks to changing legislation, UTVs are becoming a common sight on the road as well. No longer are they confined in the off-road terrains or the farmland. However, you would need to pick an all-terrain vehicle that meets particular street requirements before you can take it out to the streets. In most cases, that would mean buying additional kits to meet these requirements. Utah recently passed a law allowing UTVs on every road save for the Interstates I-15 and 1-70.

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