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Many people associate mental disorders with adults. But studies point out that kids also suffer from depression. Scientists pointed this data out even before the pandemic. In this case, do our children feel anxious because of the pandemic?

We often hear advice on how to stave off emotional exhaustion. Kids can also benefit from these tips. It is not enough that we will tell them being afraid is normal. We have to give them an avenue to channel their energy and frustration.

With the Delta variant still looming large, some of us would rather have our kids stay at home. It is not surprising that we feel this way because some experts say that this strain is deadlier. But how can we prevent cabin fever (and depression to a greater extent) from hitting our entire household? Let us discuss some solutions to this question.


Let us start with the most underrated body function. Most people do not get the needed amount of sleep. It is also applicable to kids. According to the New York Times, most teenagers sleep less than nine hours daily. This article stated that sleep-deprived kids have lower grades.

Other than poor class performance, sleep deprivation can also cause serious health issues. One of which is obesity. Several studies point out that it is one of the leading causes of obesity. Although most of these tests focused on adults, experts also say that sleep deprivation in kids can cause childhood obesity.

It increases the risk of contracting heart ailments and stroke. The list of the adverse effects of sleep deprivation can go on and on. But what can we do to get enough sleep at night? Here are some of them:

  • Establish a sleeping and waking-up schedule and stick to it. Our bodies respond better if it has a routine to follow. Your children will also follow the example that you set, so it is a win-win situation.
  • Go offline at least two hours before sleeping. Doing this will encourage your kids to stay away from their devices at the prescribed time. The blue light emitted by our Gadgets (and laptops) tricks our body to think it is still morning. Thus, you will find it hard to sleep.

Sleeping will not only help you and your kids concentrate better. But it also prevents depression. In general, it will make your household healthy. Make that lifestyle change so that you can get the needed amount of daily sleep.

dad and son doing DIY


CNBC reported that DIY home improvements increased. Most people are not astounded by this fact because we have so much time in our hands. But what is surprising is the mental health benefits of doing some manual labor.

When people work on crafts or repair something, the brain releases dopamine. Psychiatrists conducted art therapy research where depressed people engaged in art projects. They noticed that the dopamine levels of the subjects increased. In this case, engaging in DIY projects can be good for our souls, so let us get busy.

One of the crafts that you and your little ones can do is needlework. According to Martha Stewart, 60% of the UK population does not know how to sew. This number equates to substantial profit for tailoring shops. In this case, knowledge of needlework can be rewarding.

Before you start the project, you might want to search for sewing patterns. Ask your kids to join you for this task. They will get a kick out of this as they see cool figures to work on.

You can also ask your kids to help you in the garden. Asking them to join you will make them appreciate the process of getting food on your table. Once they harvest the fruits or vegetables, they will proudly show them to everyone at the table.


Lastly, let us talk about a way to include physical activity in your children’s daily routine. You can subtly introduce yoga into their lives. You might even say that they already practice yoga when they try to stand with one foot.

Yoga can help increase your concentration and stave off depression. When you and your little ones do this, you are forced to focus on your breathing. As you continually do this, you learn how to be in the present moment and not look at other things. It can also ease back pains and make you more flexible.

We have so much to be thankful for. One reason is that we are here alive. As we greet another day, let us embrace every aspect of our lives. Let us teach our children to face the world positively.

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