Increasing Your Landscaping Business’s Portfolio Income

It is the goal of every business in any industry to increase its bottom line. The landscaping industry is no exception. According to Statista, the landscaping service industry in the country generates total revenue of over $99 billion, with each household spending on lawn care and gardening activities at an average rate of $503.

Growing your landscaping business would not happen on its own. Like with any other business, you need to make some effort to innovate in your marketing and servicing strategies. This said, here are some doable ways how you can boost your landscaping business’s revenue portfolio.

1. Expand Your Client Base

Most landscaping services businesses cater either solely to residential or commercial clients. Perhaps now is the time that you try expanding your client base. Say you regularly service commercial clients, why not offer your services to residential clients, too?

Of course, this is not an easy suggestion, especially if you are used to servicing residential clients. But here are some things you can do to make the transition a lot easier:

  • Service agreements with commercial clients should be under a contract. However, for residential clients, sometimes verbal agreements are enough.
  • It is time to increase your insurance coverage when you start servicing commercial clients. The increase may be around one or two million USD.
  • Now that you will be servicing more clients, it is time as well to upgrade your equipment. It means investing in wide-area mowers and the likes.

Moving to the world of commercial clients also means potentially adding employees.

2. Offer Add-on Services

A great additional service your landscaping business can offer is landscaping curbing. According to current market standards, curbing rates can range from $6 to $14 per foot of laid concrete. For example, some companies offer horizontal composite fencing services for residential or even commercial clients who want more privacy on their property.

These add-ons give more aesthetic appeal to your already existing landscaping service. When you have complete control of how you work on your client’s space, you can definitely give them overall satisfaction with your service.

3. Provide Landscaping Seminars

landscaping plan

Sure, there are many self-help, video, and blog tutorials about landscaping, but it is different if you bring together people who share the same interest in one room — may it be virtual or in-person.

With this in mind, offering seminars is another way to meet people who might be interested in your service. Start with basic concepts to attract a larger pool rather than focusing on advanced concepts that would only look enticing for professionals in the field.

There are different ways how you can pull off a seminar like this. For example, you can go on independently hosting an event or see a major event going on in your area that you can piggyback off.

4. Give Value to Your Existing Clients

Business experts would say that acquiring new clients is five times more costly than retaining an existing one. This rings true even to the landscaping business. Since it is also any company’s goal to save money, it should also focus on retaining your existing client base.

These are some ideas to help increase your chances of making first-time customers turn into loyal clients:

  • Offer an excellent customer service
  • Give rewards, discounts, and offers to your most valued customers
  • Add customer value through guides and workshops
  • Have a feedback system and put any good suggestions to practice.

No matter how great you do your job, customers will always remember and value how you treat them. So, make them feel appreciated by putting a personal, warm touch to your service.

5. Grow Your Service Area

If it can do your business better, consider expanding your landscaping service to other surrounding areas of the community you currently serve. When you cover more grounds, it means you open up opportunities for new and more clients.

You can start this by expanding your market reach. It is essentially an effort to gather additional information on your target audience. You can do this by conducting surveys, testing out different pricing structures, or leveraging social media usage. Service area expansion is even easier when there are no well-established competitors yet in the area.

6. Venture on Off-season Services

In some regions, landscaping services might not be available all year round. For instance, during cold winter months, landscaping is the furthest thing in any client’s mind. With this, your business would be on halt. But rather than viewing this as a loss, it opens another door for a new and additional business venture.

You can offer a seasonal service instead to make up for the lost revenue for your regular landscaping service. This may include snow removal service and outdoor holiday decorating.

Running any business takes time, effort, and resources, so know what you should before making any changes. Get started and increase your landscaping business’s revenue with these ideas.

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