How to Sell Your Home Without an Agent

Companies such as United Home Offer buy residential properties directly from homeowners, skipping the usual arrangements in which a broker or agent is in the mix. No matter what the homeowner’s reasons may be for selling the home – such as a financial obligation, job transfer, or death in the family –, such companies provide the quick cash that property owners need.

Unlike deals facilitated by a real estate broker, sales between the property owner and the buyer company give a considerably higher take-home pay for the seller since there’s no need to pay for the broker’s commission. Such a reason makes this kind of arrangement popular among homeowners who need to get as much money as possible from the sale of the home.

Now, if you’re planning to go this route in selling your home, there are certain things you need to do to make the sale hassle-free. Here are five tricks to sell your home fast without hiring an agent:

Prep up your home

No one would want to buy a house that is dilapidated and unkempt. Among the first things that you must do is to make sure that your entire property is presentable – which includes not just the interiors but the interiors as well. You have to do necessary repairs, repaint the walls with neutral colors, remover anything identifiable to you, and make sure that you have a great curb appeal particularly if you have a landscaped lawn. First impressions matter in making a sale, so your property should impress your potential buyers from the get-go.

Make your asking price realistic

No, you don’t want to list an asking price that is way more than what your property is worth. While it’s tempting to raise a high selling price, it could turn off potential buyers, especially if they know a thing or two about real estate pricing. But, just how do you determine a fair asking price for your home? Well, there are online pricing websites that help you calculate your home’s market value based on certain parameters. There are also government websites that have tools for sellers who want to come up with a fair asking price for their properties. Use these tools to come up with an attractive and realistic price range for your home.

Get your home listed

Consider listing your home in some of the most popular property listing sites. This will increase your home’s chances of being seen by potential buyers across the nation, thereby making a quick sale possible. It’s an investment worth making.

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Market your home

Aside from listing your home, you should also try other avenues to market it. Among other ways, you must consider doing any of the following:

  • Hold an open house. This will allow potential buyers to tour your house and see what they’re getting.
  • Advertise online. Include clear and detailed photos, description of the house, list of amenities and selling points. Make your online advertisement as professionally-looking as possible to entice would-be buyers.
  • Put up a “For Sale” sign. Old is gold, and so is the traditional way of putting up a “For Sale” sign outside your property.

Consider hiring an escrow agent

Finally, consider hiring an escrow agent to help you close the sale. It could be a title company or an attorney specializing in real estate. Your agent will help you deal with the paperwork and closing costs so you can have a fuzz-free sale.

With these tricks, you should have a better chance of selling your home in a short time. Just be sure to do your research to learn all the other legal matters about property sales in your state.

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