How to Build a More Secure Home

Even though burglary cases in the United States went down to around 400 cases every 100,000 households, it’s still not a good reason to stay relaxed and complacent. Your home can never be too far off from security measures in order to stay in top condition.

Erect a Strong Fence

While you think that you don’t need aluminum fence panels at home, theft-proofing is still a necessity if you want to keep your home, your valuables, and your loved ones safe. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The financial loss and trauma (if ever the intruder has deadly weapons with them) that your family will experience is no joke.

You need to ward off shady elements right off the bat by having a fence that is difficult to climb. Putting barbed wire or attaching some form of alarm are some other ways to help build a stronger fence. At the most basic level, have an industrial grade lock on it as well.

Put in Peepholes, Smart Locks, and Smart Lights

Your door is the next gateway to your home, which is why it will need peepholes and smart locks. You also need to do the same for your windows, which can be an alternative mode of entry for intruders. You can also install solar-powered smart lights that adapt to human motion so it will startle potential burglars or discourage them from trying to break inside your house.

Invest in a Good Home Security System

Use technology to your advantage — install a good CCTV camera, motion sensors, or a full-blown home security system. You can monitor these in real-time and some even allow you to talk to the people inside the house through the camera. You can also program some CCTV models to alert you on your phone if there is sudden motion detected on an otherwise empty house. Make it even more accessible to you by installing the corresponding smartphone apps, depending on the brand of your choice.

Hackerproof Your Wi-Fi

Ensure that your wireless internet has difficult passwords that you change regularly. Your internet activity is also something that bad elements can monitor closely and it can reveal additional personal information, such as credit card information, shopping behavior (that will allow them to pose as delivery guys for certain companies), and many others. The personal information you reveal from your online activities needs to be guarded like how you guard your gates, doorways, and physical parts of your house.

Have a Safe for Your Valuables

CCTV mounted on wall

If a break-in happens despite your best efforts, the next layer of security is not to have your valuables lying around. Have a safety box with a lock for valuables that only you or a trusted family member can open. The less people who can access this vault, the better.

Safety is not just a one-time activity but a continuous activity of improvement. Changing passwords, changing door and gateway locks, and changing modes of security are all part and parcel of better home management.

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