Four Easy Home Improvements Guaranteed to Lower Your Utility Bills

No homeowners can afford to take their utility for granted. Since water and electricity are a necessity, we can’t simply ignore and not use them every single day. But with every light we use, every faucet we turn, and every air conditioning we open, our utility consumption increases. The more appliances and lighting we use, the higher our energy and water bills get.

Specific home improvements can help you lower your bills each month. If you want more reasons to improve your home, then you can use the following energy-efficient projects as an excuse:

Give Your Home Some Shades

One surefire way to lower your air conditioning’s energy usage is by giving your home some shade. For instance, shady landscaping can instantly help you cool a building more efficiently. Think of shady trees around the house. Tall trees placed near windows will give your home that nice cool breeze, thus lowering the need for you to use air conditioning.

A patio awning is another outdoor home improvement project that is worthy of your investment. With a patio awning, you can better protect both outdoor and indoor furniture. It allows you to enjoy your outdoors, even in sunny weather. Your air conditioning unit no longer has to work hard since you can spend your time in your patio to relax. If you choose the retractable type, they can last longer since you can retract them in case of strong winds.

Consider Upgrading Your Appliances

If some of your appliances are now a decade old, then it is time to consider replacing them. Newer models are more energy-efficient. This means you have more reasons to shop for better, faster, and eco-friendly appliances.

Did you know that you can also enjoy tax credits or rebates by merely investing in energy-efficient appliances? You might need to put up a considerable amount to cover the upfront costs of your new refrigerator, clothes dryer, and washer. But then, you can enjoy more savings in the long run. You can even check if you qualify for energy-efficient financing to fund your new purchases.

The same goes for your lighting. LEDs and CFLs are a better lighting solution compared to incandescent. These cost more but saves you more money since they last considerably longer. You will need fewer lights since LEDs can emit light in all directions. LEDs also contain no toxic elements, which means you get to reduce your poisonous waste, thus giving a hand in protecting the environment.

Think about Your Plumbing System


If your plumbing system has any leak or damage, then it is time you stop procrastinating and start fixing the issues asap. Did you know that a fast leak can cost you up to $6 a month? If you don’t maintain your plumbing system, you can end up wasting money without even knowing it. You can even detect issues early and avoid water damage that can cost you more with regular plumbing system maintenance.

If you have toilets in your home manufactured between the early 1980s and 1992, each flush uses up to 13.2 liters of water or more. Ordinary water fixtures also use considerably more water, adding up to your water bill. For best results, choose low-flow alternatives. These use much less water even if you use them in the same amount of time as you would your old water fixtures.

Insulate Your attic

Most homes have inefficient attic insulation. This often leads to gradual home damage. Heat can easily seep into your home, making it hot and uncomfortable. Your HVAC system has to work harder, thus using up more energy than necessary. Even your roof can get damaged due to poor attic insulation.

Attic insulation allows you to enjoy up to 10% tax credit while lowering your energy bills. This means you can instantly boost your dollar savings. Since your HVAC system doesn’t need to work twice as hard, this helps lower your carbon dioxide emissions.

When you insulate your home, this gives you the chance to check your attic for any structural damages present. This, in turn, helps promote a safer home structure. Attic insulation also helps promote better indoor air quality since no airborne pollutants can enter through air leaks. This only goes to show that attic insulation can also help make your home a safer and healthier place.

You can choose from many strategies when trying to reduce your utility bills. More often than not, proper insulation, regular home maintenance, and certain upgrades are enough to lower your water and energy usage. If you want to boost your savings while improving your home, you can use this shortlist as your guide.

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