Budget Home Upgrades That Increase the Value of Your House

Home improvements can help in increasing the value of your home. If you want to sell it after some time, you’ll need to upgrade some parts of your house to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

But these improvements can be very expensive. In 2018, homeowners spent 7,560 USD on average for home improvement. And the last thing you’d want is to invest in beautifying your home without getting the investment in return. After all, the point of improving your home is also to make it more profitable.

Luckily, there are simple and affordable home improvements you can do.

Paint the Walls

One easy way to improve your home is by painting it. Paint is relatively cheap, and you can even do it yourself so you don’t have to spend extra on hiring someone else. Just make sure that you use the right safety gear like goggles and gloves, which you can pick up at any nearby supplier that sells construction PPE.

For the indoor walls, you can use neutral colors, such as white and beige, for a simple look. But if you want to add a pop of color to your house, you might consider using bright, solid colors. Some popular shades recently are shades of green and blue. If you want something less bright but still colorful, then you can try muted colors.

The exterior of the house is the first thing potential buyers will see, kind of like the packaging of a product. Thus, it’s important to have your outside walls also painted. You could use a dark color on the walls and then use a lighter color as accents. For example, if you decide to paint your house dark blue, you could paint window frames and door frames in a lighter color, such as white.

Upgrade your Lights: Both Fixtures and Switches

Replacing your lighting fixtures and switches will also make your house more appealing. For lighting fixtures, you might consider getting something simple and modern. Another factor to consider using eco-friendly light bulbs. Buyers now are more conscious about energy use, so they’ll want to see that the lights in the house are energy efficient.

As for light switches, if your home has seen quite a lot of years, the color of your switch plates may have already faded. Or if the plates are white, discoloration is a problem as they indicate old age. Thus, you could replace the plates to give your switches a fresh new look.

Change the Kitchen Cabinet’s Color and Handles

Upgrading your kitchen can bump up the price of your property. But kitchen remodeling is very expensive, and you might not get what you paid for. What you can do on a budget and by yourself is to paint your kitchen cabinets and change their handles. Even these simple upgrades can change the atmosphere in your kitchen.

You can repaint your cabinet with a plain neutral color for simplicity and uniformity. But if your kitchen walls already have a neutral color, you might consider using a bright color on your kitchen cabinets for contrast. And after you paint, then you can replace the handles of your cabinet. The new handles will give a fresher look to your cabinets.


Replace the Cornice Molding

Another simple home improvement that you can do on a budget is replacing the crown molding in your walls. While some modern homes have removed them entirely, crown molding does serve a purpose. It covers the intersection between your walls and ceiling and adds a seamless look.

When you get a new molding, you might consider using something thinner with clean, straight lines for a sleeker and more modern feel. But you can also go for the more decorative types with intricate carving since they can add elegance to your walls.

Update the Floors

One obvious sign of an aging house is its floor. Damaged or discolor tiles and dirty carpets will not look good in your listing photos and may make potential buyers click away. As such, you need to update your floors.

You can opt for plain laminated flooring in the common areas. It’s more affordable than other options and has a variety of styles. If you have carpets, you might need to hire someone to change them for you. A carpet is a great choice for flooring since it adds an extra layer of insulation. The only downside is it must be regularly cleaned as they easily collect dust.

Home improvements don’t have to be expensive. With these five simple upgrades, you can make your home more profitable without shelling out too much money.

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