An Essential Guide to Making a Living with Your Boat

Owning a boat might come with a huge amount of money, but it does allow you to enjoy the endless waters. You can explore the bay, the lake, or even the ocean if you want to. If you think about the long-term, it offers you affordable recreation for your family and friends.

But if you’re currently not using your boat for sea adventures or water activities, why not use it to generate income? This can help ensure that your boat isn’t just a pain in your wallet but instead helping you fill up those pockets. After all, you need the cash to maintain it. Continue reading to find out five ways to make that boat a real business.

Charter fishing

Fishing trips are a common venture you can earn money from. This can help you generate great money, but most states often require boat owners to acquire a guide’s license or a captain’s license to offer such service. You can charter for keen anglers, coastal forays, or deep-sea fishing. If your boat has a room or accommodation, you can offer overnight or full-day trips as well. As for the expenses, you’ll want to focus on the essential equipment for mechanical breakdowns or weather tools.

Peer-to-peer rental

If you’re looking to make money quickly and easily, peer-to-peer rental is the way to go. You can use a website or an app to sign up your boat for the rental of other mariners. Don’t worry since you have the right to reject a rental request if you want to and even set the pricing that favors you. The only effort you need to make is to meet up with the renters to show them your boat and give them the keys. This option is an ideal way to keep your boat moving and in good working condition.

Personalized cruises

Personalized cruises are the best options if you want to cater to a larger market. Some individuals want to go on a cruise but cannot afford to go on a big cruise ship. Many people would charter your boat for personal purposes, which usually takes about a couple of days or weeks. Many of those who opt for personalized cruises use this service to get a feel of life on a boat before buying their own. Keep in mind that offering this service might require a lot of work.

For instance, you might need to perform some interior adjustments and obtain more frequent boat exterior cleaning services to prepare your boat for the trips. Make sure that the costs of maintenance and cleaning will be factored in beforehand so that you can set the right pricing. You might also need to consider charging for fuel, drinks, and food. Furthermore, since personalized cruises are unique, don’t forget to find out all the activities that will be done on the boat. If there’s a risk that they’ll cause expensive damage to your boat, you can reject them or suggest alternatives.

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If you love exploring the nautical side of nature and want to share it with others, offering eco-tours is a great idea. You can make money by taking people on unique views of landmarks or wildlife such as photography tours, march cruises, or dolphin or whale watching. For this type of service, you’ll need to take into account your location. Catering to vacationers provides a steady flow of income instead of just sticking into locals. The type of your boat will also be considered. And just like offering personalized tours, eco-tours often require high maintenance and running costs that you need to account for.

Blog or film

Renting out or chartering your boat is not the only way to make money. If you’re an avid sailor or someone who’s planning to get back into the sea adventure, why not earn from it? For one, you can write about your entire experience, from fishing to boating. Writing a fun blog about your boating adventures can help you fund your cruising and other needs while sharing your experiences and learning with others. Put ads on your blog to start generating money. If you’re not fond of writing or skilled enough to write engaging blogs, you can try video filming your trips. You can document your life on your boat, including the simplest to the biggest tasks.

Letting your boat stay idle is not good for you and the boat itself. It will just cost you hundreds of dollars of maintenance work. Or, your boat will become junk because you don’t have the funds for its upkeep anymore. Put your boat into good use and earn money from it by following these tips.

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