Best Places to Make Real Estate Investments in 2021

There is no better way to diversify your portfolio than investing in real estate all over the world. Millionaires swear by it because having residential properties can provide you with passive income all year round. Choosing the right investments will always appreciate regardless of the status of the economy. If you’re thinking of investing in real estate all over the world, here are some of the most promising suburbs in America and beyond that you can look into.

Sixteen Mile Stand, Ohio 

A suburb of Cincinnati, this pretty area offers residents a host of coffee shops, parks, and restaurants. It’s a wonderful little place to raise a family, and even singles can enjoy the location since it also has a bustling nightlife and a lot of diversity. It’s also the ideal place for golf enthusiasts to live since it has several golf and country clubs in the vicinity.

Truganina, Melbourne

West of Melbourne, Australia’s Central Business District, Truganina is a fast-growing suburban area that boasts of the charms of suburban life and accessibility to shopping centers, parks, and everything you want in your community, without the density and overcrowdedness of big cities. It’s also a prime location for new developments, so you can find a lot of land options for sale that will meet your needs and suit your investment plans.

Troy, Michigan

Located in Southeast Michigan, Troy is across the border from Windsor in Ontario, Canada and is along the Detroit River. Troy is known for its rich arts and culture scene, professional sports, and good cost of living. It has a diverse community with neighborhoods where walkers, kids, bikers, and dogs can roam freely.

North Potomac, Maryland

A suburb of Washington, D.C., North Potomac provides a sparse suburban atmosphere that’s perfect for families. There are also plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, which means residents will always have leisure activities at their disposal. The neighborhood communities can also be very welcoming and safe, with all the main attractions and grocery stores a couple of minutes away from the residential properties. The architecture is also beautiful, and the school district is top notch.

house with a lawn

Eastleigh, Hampshire

Sitting right in the middle of large cities Southampton and Winchester, Eastleigh in Hampshire is a suburb that’s home to a host of businesses, including a major manufacturing plant. Investing in real estate in this area is profitable since there are plenty of job opportunities. It also lies on River Itchen, so you might even gain fly-fishers for tenants in the future. River Itchen is also incredibly pretty, so people who want to live by a serene body of water may be inclined to choose properties near this site.

Ambleside, Lake District

Speaking of pretty bodies of water across the pond, the Lake District is known for being the most mountainous region in England, with tourists flocking to the area to enjoy some of the most peaceful and breathtaking views in the world. But with these gorgeous lakes are some hidden towns and suburbs that are just as picturesque as the nature that surrounds them. One of those suburbs is Ambleside, which sits at the heart of Lake District. The architecture is distinctly Gothic and Victorian, which is perfect, as the cottagecore aesthetic is taking over the world by storm. There are also a lot of water activities, including boat rides, cruising, and canoeing, which will make your property a popular home for those who want to spend a few days in the area.

Taman Paramount, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia may be known for its bustling energy and high-rise buildings. However, it also has a quaint little neighborhood called Taman Paramount, which is a welcome change of pace in the heart of the city. The suburb boasts of well-established eateries, restaurants, and hawker stalls that are the go-to places for families in the area. The neighborhood also provides a feeling of nostalgia, which is why younger crowds are also attracted to it.

More Tips

Here are some key tips to remember when looking for real estate opportunities all over the world:

  • Find properties in emerging suburbs or neighborhoods. They provide tax incentives and growth potential for buyers, which can help you maximize profits.
  • Investing across multiple geographical areas can help diversify your investments and shield you against the volatility of one specific market.
  • When you find a property that’s still at the top of its game, fight the urge to over-flip or over-rehab. It’s all right to settle for more middle-of-the-road fixtures. There’s no need to fix anything that’s not broken or too old.
  • Consult with your financial advisor, do your research, and be strategic. Good luck!
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