Are You Ready for Baby Number Two?

It seems like only yesterday when you and your spouse first learned that you were expecting. Being pregnant for the first time opened you to a lot of experiences and learning. Now, you see your child grow. It feels like your arms are empty, and you might be longing for another baby. Before you commit to such a big decision, there are things you need to consider:

The Stability of Your Finances

A new member of the family means more expenses. Healthcare and education are on top of the list. Also, welcoming a new baby could mean a trip to trusted auto dealers of excellent automobile brands such as Giltrap Group. You might need a new car to accommodate more people, especially true if your first child is still using a car seat.

Thus, before trying to conceive for baby number two, lay out the family expenses on the table. Will both your income sustain a family of four? Having a child is pure joy. But this joy can be tainted when there is a strain with money matters.

The Status of Your Marriage

When your first baby came, the dynamics of your marriage changed. Intimacy and quality time took a back seat. As your child grows, you have regained some of your time together as a couple. You need to ask yourself if your marriage is ready for an encore of having to take the back seat. Also, it will be double the work now because you have your first child to think of.

On a positive note, having children can also strengthen marriages. When the couple shares the workload, they can form a strong partnership. You and your spouse can bond over the sleepless nights and the diaper changes.

The Readiness of Your First Child

This is not only about you and your spouse now. Your first child may feel negatively if they are not yet ready to have a younger sibling. There are some advantages to having children that have a close age gap. But you must gauge if your first child is ready to take on a bigger sibling role.

If you want to, you may prepare them before even trying to conceive. Let them warm up to the idea that they will not be the center of all attention now. But you must assure them that you still love them the same way.

The Growth of Your Career

When you had your first child, you made major adjustments. This may have included your job. With the arrival of a second child, you will need to spend more time running your household. Can you halt your career plans for this? Or is your job flexible enough? Can you work remotely? When push comes to shove, will you be willing to give it up and focus on your children first?

The Condition of Your Health

Couple lying down on bed with two kids

Going for a second child will once again put you through all the stages: pregnancy, labor, and sleepless nights during the newborn phase. You were younger back then. You need to ask yourself if your body can still do all these things now. If you are planning to conceive again, prepare yourself at least half a year before pregnancy.

Adding a second baby to the mix is a serious matter. Consult with your spouse, your first child, and your healthcare provider. Also, gauge your readiness for this.

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