5 Compelling Reasons You Need a Chimney Cap at Home

As a homeowner, you would do anything to protect your investment, and that includes buying a chimney cap. This is a metal covering installed on top of the chimney to cover its opening. Some homeowners avoid installing one because they claim that it’s expensive, while others do not see its use apart from its aesthetic value.

The truth is, a professionally installed chimney cap can protect your home from substantial losses — and at an affordable rate at that. If your house doesn’t have one yet, here are some reasons you should have it installed soon by experts in metal fabrication in Utah.

It prevents water damage

The chimney’s opening is the chief entry point for rainwater and snow, one of the primary culprits for chimney damage. Water can corrode the chimney dampers and metal chimney lines, as well. Furthermore, it will get into the tile chimney liners, forcing them to crack due to expansion and contraction of the water.

An overly saturated chimney is at risk of collapsing over time. Installing a chimney cap can, therefore, prevent water damage and mould growth in your stack.

It improves draft

When it’s windy, an open chimney will let in the wind, causing a downdraft. Consequently, the poor draft will force smoke and other harmful gases back into your house, resulting in reduced fire efficiency plus a hazardous and unpleasant air condition. Whether there is a fire burning or not, downdrafts are dangerously messy. Fortunately, chimney caps can prevent wind-induced downdrafts and enhance the proper function of your chimney.

It keeps pests away

Chimneys are warm, so it attracts animals like raccoons, birds, and bats, which build nests inside. When these climb into the smokestack, more often than not, they cannot climb out. They could end up dead in the chimney where they rot and smell. What’s worse is when they come with infections, alongside other pests like lice and maggots.

Furthermore, these carcasses prevent airflow, thus retaining smoke and risking carbon monoxide poisoning. The best way to avoid these is by installing a chimney cap.

It reduces the risk of fires

house chimney

The solid metal top and the side metal mesh act as spark arrestors. When a fire is burning, large sparks can make their way up and out of the chimney. If they are hot enough, they can burn the roof. Furthermore, leaves or any debris accumulated can also catch fire. A chimney cap can prevent the instance of fire by containing the sparks and preventing the accumulation of waste.

It prevents animal droppings

When squirrels and raccoons get in and out of the chimney, they leave droppings. These produce a foul smell when the humidity is high, and the odor intensifies when you light up the fireplace. These foul odors can lower the quality of air in your home, leading to breathing discomfort. By putting a chimney cap in place, you prevent anything from getting into your chimney.

A chimney cap is a small yet invaluable investment that not only protects your home, but also gives you peace of mind. You’re rest assured that neither debris nor animals are trapped in your chimney.

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