3 Loft Conversion Ideas You Should Consider

Do you love your home in Tunbridge Wells but dislike how cramped it feels? Perhaps, it’s time to call your trusted home extension builder in the area. But if you don’t have much space outside to extend your kitchen or add a room, you can turn to renovate or convert a part of your interior space.

That loft in your home is an asset you should consider. The average semi-detached home in the UK has about 40 to 50 square metres of loft space. Use and turn that space into something wonderful, and you would be able to move around your home more easily.

Here are a few ideas of what you can do with your loft:

   1. Create an extra bedroom

Most UK homes have two or three bedrooms. If you have a large family, this may not be enough. The lack of space can put a strain on everyone, especially if you cannot find a way to ensure individual privacy. But even if you have one or two kids and don’t intend to let your parents or in-laws live with you, an extra bedroom can still benefit you, especially if you have guests who sleep over often.

Regardless of your reasons for requiring more living space, a loft conversion can work for you. You could turn it into a master bedroom. You can also create two bedrooms that are portioned to provide privacy to the guests that will be staying in that space. There’s also the option of creating one large bedroom for several children. To maximise the space, you can have several bunk beds.

   2. Create a workspace or study room

Woman studying

Studies show that by the end of 2020, about 50% of the U.K. workforce will be working from home. That is something worth noting because it may impact the way you work. Telecommuting offers plenty of benefits to employees. You will not have to commute or deal with office politics. You can also get more work done flexibly. But where will you work if you have such a limited space?

That’s where your loft comes in. You can renovate your loft so that it can work as a home office. You could have all the relevant office equipment installed. And because it is on the topmost floor of your home, the loft can be a very quiet and peaceful place to work. Alternatively, your children can benefit from a study room. In that case, you could design several study areas so that everyone can have their place to read from.

   3. Create a home gym

If you are interested in staying fit, then think about installing a home gym in your loft. It can be the place where you work out as a family, far away from distractions. You could have your gym equipment on one side and a meditation area on the other. It all depends on the kind of workouts that you like to engage in.

There is a lot of potential in your loft if only you are open-minded about it. With the help of the right contractors, you could turn that space into something useful and beautiful at the same time.

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