Who Do You Consult First? | Matters Compressed Air Systems & Fittings

Every pipe fitting you choose should be of the appropriate size depending on the application. There are no ways about that. And, when it comes to pipe fittings size, you must factor in the capacity of the pipe and the amount of pressure of the fluids that it channels. Only that way, can you tell whether a particular fitting is not the best fit for that application. Moreover, determine whether, during the peak pressure times, the pipe system will not snap at the fittings. That often happens when you fail to consider the expansivity of the fitting to that of the pipe. In this, a leading stainless pipe and fittings supplier in Australia recommends that you confirm that the fittings that you choose are of the same material as that of your industrial pipework.

Choosing pipework by material

Getting the right material for your industrial pipework and their respective fittings will, in most cases, require professional help. Typically, that is because it will involve evaluating your industrial pipework’s current and future piping capacity, both for safety and performance. Also, it will require finding out the pressure parameters at which your compressed air equipment performs best. Then, determine the pipework system that can handle that amount of pressure at a particular time.

Moreover, check that the diameter specifications of the fittings to confirm that they match that of your pipework. Inquire from your industrial pipework products supplier about these specifications if you are unsure of it. If they are a local supplier, you can arrange for them to visit your site to get these details first-hand.

Does cost matter here?

That will cut both ways. Yes, because you must evaluate whether you are getting supply, installation and maintenance services that are worth your monetary investment into these services. Also, you must consider that you are getting high-quality pipes and fittings for your compressed air equipment and industrial pipework systems. On the other hand, prioritising cost may be quite misleading. That’s especially so now that you are choosing products and services that will determine the throughput and optimal performance of your industrial compressed air system. What should be a top consideration here is the functionality, durability and ease of maintenance of the pipework, fittings the compressed air system. You should not, at whatever cost, trade an optimally-performing system for low-quality products or services. But, again, evaluate the value of these products and services. Determine whether they are worth the much your supplier has stated.

How so?

First off, do your research well enough to know the range at which each of the parts of your industrial pipework system cost. Also, find out what it takes to schedule a visit for the supplier to come at your site to determine the pipework and fittings that will best suit your application. On services, also inquire from other compressed industry leaders in Australia how much the installation, inspection and maintenance of industrial pipework and compressed air equipment costs. One of the best ways to do that is requesting quotes for the services from different suppliers. The bottom line here, though, is you get high-quality compressed air equipment and pipe and fittings for your application.

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