Turning Your Property into a Stay-at-home Vacation Haven

The hotel industry might have plummeted because of the travel restrictions all over the world right now. But the alternative accommodation network has been gaining more popularity than ever.

Homestays listed under AirBnB and the Plum Guide have become safer options for people who are dying to be out of their homes. Technically, they would still be staying at home, although not theirs. But they will have control over the preparation of their food, the cleaning of their spaces, which are not possible in hotels. Also, there would be no common spaces to dangerously share with others.

Even after the pandemic, the preference for these stay-at-home vacations might linger. If you were not so keen about ‘exchanging houses’ before in several traveling platforms, consider putting up a room in your house or an extra property up for travelers. You might even want to consider buying a personal vacation house and opening up for rent when you are not using it.

To start you off, we have here some tips on how to spruce up your property and make it into a vacation haven travelers would seek.

Offer some free breakfast items

The phrase ‘Free Breakfast’ in booking sites always puts accommodations offering it in the shortlist of travelers. Even if it’s just a few jams, a loaf of bread, and some eggs, it’s free. Anything free is always attractive. Include coffee in your freebies to get higher favorability. It doesn’t have to be artisan coffee. Just get a bag from the grocery, have a coffee maker and your place is already near perfection.

Have a good wifi connection

Many beautiful vacation homes are located in the remote countryside. After all, the remoteness and the rustic location add to the charm of the place. However, vacationers might not exactly be looking for an off-grid retreat. They want to be able to take photos of their wine against a sunset and post it to Instagram or Facebook immediately.

And of course, right now, there are a lot of people who are looking for vacation settings even while continuously slaving away online. You would want to cater to these people as they are the ones willing to spend more. Offer a sanctuary for workaholics and people who are always rising to the grind.

Invest in a small pool or a Jacuzzi

Having a pool of any size is a plus for vacationers and workers-from-home especially at this time. Anyone would love to spend a day or two in a house that has the amenities of a standard resort. If you find it too much of a bother to maintain it, install a water filtering system. If you don’t have the budget or space for a pool, consider installing an outdoor large hot tub. It’s a cheaper option.

Have picture-perfect nooks

woman sitting in sofa

A big part of the tourism industry’s market is composed of young people who are always trying to show amazing lives. In fact, millennials would prefer to buy vacation homes over apartments in the cities. These youngsters have most of their activities documented. Vacations are definitely highlights in their stories and feeds. Give them material for their photos. No one would want to showcase a vacation where they would only be able to show whitewashed walls and boring furniture.

It’s easy to make your place more interesting. Have a gallery wall. It doesn’t have to be composed of expensive paintings. You can even have your old black and white photos framed and hang them artistically. Have flowering plants that would frame your porches and windows prettily when they bloom. Even simple creeping vines could make your home look more romantic.

Capitalize on local stories

Vacation homes with stories are very marketable to a generation that wants unique experiences. It is already nice to brag about a week spent in a home where you could work while lounging beside a pool, or having coffee surrounded by a riot of azaleas and peonies. But it is much more interesting to say you went to a village where otherworldly creatures were reportedly seen. Do your research about the properties you are looking into or you already have. Was there a story of a heartbroken maiden who is still reportedly seen standing near a local bridge?

If your locality doesn’t have that much hype, you could bring your own discussion piece into your home. It could be a painting that is famous for having survived World War II. It could be a portrait of an interesting person whose life can be recalled in the architecture of the house. People like good narratives. Don’t make your home a spook fest though.

With the increasing popularity of houses and rooms to rent for vacationers, anyone can now enter the industry that had previously been dominated by hotel chains. Real estate can now be considered for investment that could yield income in a short time.

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