The Connection between Australians’ Health and the Safekeeping of Cleaning Chemicals

Strong chemicals, which are mainly used for cleaning, are commonplace in the lives of Australians and are mostly stored in their respective households and workplace. Is the continued practice of self-storage and safekeeping of chemicals, particularly industrial cleaning solutions, a risk on health?

Chemicals and Their Possible Health Risks

The direct and inappropriate handling of chemicals, especially those that are too strong for public use, is an automatic health hazard. A simple mistake or incorrect storage might not only lead to a fatal exposure. It can also cause damage to property, stemming from possible fires or corrosion.

Chemicals in the Average Home

In the average household, most chemicals can be found in cleaning solutions. Although highly toxic if ingested, most of these substances are safe for the use of an ordinary person. The use of such chemicals does not require anyone to have prior training. But you must be aware of any danger or risk when handling a particular chemical.

Furthermore, prolonged exposure to most of the household chemicals does not present an immediate health risk except in the event of ingestion. Despite this fact, eye protection, protective clothing, or gloves must be worn while using strong cleaning chemicals, including bleach and disinfectants. Although most of the household chemicals are safe and do not present any clear danger, especially in such small quantities, there are still some things that must be avoided to prevent any serious harm.

What Not to Do

It is important to remember not to mix household chemicals. Chemical reactions that can cause severe damage to the people around it are possible. If you are curious as to what can happen if you mix two seemingly non-harmful agents, here are some chemical mixtures that cause you harm:

  • Chlorine and Chloramine gas – these substances arise from the combination of vinegar and bleach, as well as ammonia and bleach, and cause chemical burns to your eyes and lungs if inhaled and liquid hydrazine.
  • Chloroform – a substance that can affect the nervous system and be fatal in excessive exposure. This agent can form from a mixture of alcohol and bleach.
  • Peracetic Acid – a corrosive substance that can form from the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.

fire inside the house

Apart from Health

Besides the risks and hazards to health in handling chemical solutions that are easily found in every home, there are also far more significant risks posed by strong chemicals. These substances are more infamously known to be fire hazards and can either cause fires or worsen an already burning blaze.

Lessening the Risks Involved in Handling Chemicals

With all that said, there are many ways to reduce the risks and hazards posed by the storage and safekeeping of substances, mainly cleaning chemicals. Suppliers of both industrial and household chemicals can do all the protection and storage for you. Many of these suppliers, especially cleaning companies, remove the burden of both the usage and subsequent storage of chemicals from the homeowners or companies. If you feel unsure, seek the advice of experts.

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