The Benefits of Automated Logistics Solution Systems

In this era where the logistics industry is becoming more competitive and the pace is quite fast, replacing the traditional materials handling solutions with more sophisticated trucks and container loading and unloading platforms are the most productive solution. Surely, you can choose the most suitable method of transporting these products and goods depending on your needs: conveyors, rollers, skates or docks.

But more importantly, there are a number of things that your company can benefit from it. Find out how you can improve your logistics company’s process among other benefits by staying away from the traditional forklift-based warehouse management solution:

No More Forklift Fleet

Speaking of forklift trucks, once the new logistic platform is in place, there is no need to retain an entire forklift fleet. With the departure of these trucks, a significant amount allotted for the fleet’s maintenance among other related expenditures will be removed from the operational cost which eventually will translate into company savings.

Plus, the value of forklift trucks depreciates every year which means selling these units now can bring in more money. Depending on how big your forklift fleet is, the amount from the sale could cover the expense for installing the new logistics platform. Also, its maintenance cost is significantly lower compared to the amount you allocate to maintain a forklift fleet.

Reallocation of Manpower

Operating the new logistics platform doesn’t need too many people; thus, you can save a lot in labour costs from the salary of dozens of forklift operators, technicians and mechanics. But you don’t need to lay them off. The operators for the new logistics platform may come from the affected employees.

Other employees who won’t be assigned to the operation can be sent to undergo training. This will allow them to perform other tasks required in other departments which may be looking for additional helping hands to increase its productivity.

More Money, Lesser Expenses

Female handing out dollar billsStudies suggest that with the introduction of the new logistics platform increases the speed of loading and unloading almost tenfold! What’s more, these systems can work in any kind of environment, whether dry, wet or frozen conditions.

And speaking of productivity, it’s the total contrast of what usually happens when deliverables are not delivered on time. Without any delays in the deliveries, you no longer need to worry about incurring demurrage charges!

Precision and Accuracy

What’s beautiful about the new logistics platform is that it is designed to store and retrieve the items with accuracy and precision. This results in different positive things such as reduction of spoilage for food products or even reduced wastage because there’s limited to no human contact.

On top of that, you get to see the inventory reports in real time, giving you more accurate data. And with limited to no human intervention, the incidence of theft will be greatly reduced, if there’s any.

The idea of migrating away from the traditional logistics solution is not only to minimize the operational costs but also to speed up the process. In this way, you can increase productivity, deliver the products and goods on time, eventually allowing you to get more clients than before.

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